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Nakasendo Trail Walking Holidays

Walk the Nakasendo Way through rural Japan. Choose to either a shorter walking holiday on the rural trail section, or walk the full Nakasendo Trail from Kyoto to Tokyo.

A route used since feudal times the Nakasendo Trail, one of a network of ancient highways, linked Kyoto and Tokyo through the central mountains of Japan.

Enjoy the wonderful scenery, rich tradition and culture, beautiful guesthouse lodgings and the amazing food, all of which makes the Nakasendo Trail an experience you will never forget. Our longer Nakaseondo Trail tour allows you to experience the tradition of Kyoto and vibrancy of Tokyo as part of an amazing trip. Or you can pare it back and just do the walking sections on our Walk only version of the trip. You can also go the other way and add in some of the highlights of the area on our Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt Koya and Nara trip.

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