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Our Partnership with Trash Free Trails

At Macs Adventure, we are passionate about low impact self-guided travel and keeping the trails we love maintained for future generations to enjoy.

That's why we have teamed up with Trash Free Trails (TFT), a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the outdoors. Aligned with their purposeful adventures initiative, we support TFT's mission to eliminate single use pollution from wild places. 

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How Can I Leave a Positive Trace?

Each time we engage in activities like walking, cycling or exploring, we can positively impact our surroundings by actively removing and reporting to Trash Free Trails any litter we encounter. 

Follow Trash Free Trail's 9 steps to a safe, effective, enjoyable trail clean. Check out their toolkit:

You can also report your trail clean data here:

Report Your Trail Clean


  • Trash Free Trails

    Hear from Trash Free Trails' A-TEAMer Rosie Holdsworth as she speaks with Forestry England cycling ranger Dom Barry (also an A-TEAMer!), exploring the issue of single-use pollution in forests and the small ways to make a difference and tackle the issue.

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