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Macs Adventure Impact Report

We’re excited to present our inaugural impact report for 2023, marking a significant milestone in our journey.


For two decades, Macs Adventure has been at the forefront of crafting low-impact walking and cycling trips, underlining our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. Yet, we recognise the path to excellence is continuous, fuelling our drive to evolve as a purpose-driven entity. In 2022, we ambitiously aimed for B Corp certification—a testament to exceeding mere sustainable practices by meeting rigorous standards beneficial to our employees, customers, community partners, and the environment. This commitment reflects our dedication to valuing people and the planet on par with profit. 


This report unveils our strides over the past year as we lay the groundwork for B Corp certification. You’ll gain insights into our achievements, the challenges we've faced, and our efforts that underscore a harmonious blend of people, purpose, and profit. It also outlines our future objectives, charting a course toward our vision of becoming a certified B Corporation.

Steps to being a sustainable business

At Macs, we don’t do tour buses, groups, or guides. Instead, we give you the freedom and confidence to have your own self-guided walking or cycling adventure.

This is active travel led by you.

Travel On Your Terms

You choose your departure date and who you travel with, we do the rest.

The People Behind Your Journey

We sort accommodation and luggage transfers and provide your route in an easy-to-use app.

Here When You Need Us

We give you everything you need to travel independently but we're here 24/7 if you need us.

Achieve Something

Getting from A to B under your own steam is intensely rewarding. With Macs, you'll see the world, and yourself, differently.

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