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Walking Holidays in the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands

  • Experience the dramatic rugged coastal beauty of Jersey’s north coast
  • Watch the abundance of seabirds such as cormorants, gulls and oystercatchers
  • Feel the powdery sand between your toes as you walk on Cobo Beach, Guernsey
  • Discover the unique little island of Sark, which is completely traffic-free
  • Walk through farmland dotted with grazing Jersey cows
  • Explore the Jersery War Tunnels, a fascinating insight into WWII history

Escape to the Channel Islands for a surprisingly different walking experience close to home. Walk along quiet clifftop paths, enjoy the lingering scent of subtropical plants, and discover the rich bird population of the islands. Listen to the quirky local dialect and enjoy relaxing picnics on white sandy beaches. Described by Lonely Planet as "not quite Britain and not quite France" these unique islands are a walker's paradise, with miles of coastal paths, lots of interesting history, and plenty of opportunity to pick up fresh fruit from the island's unique honesty boxes along the way!

With our holidays in the Channel Islands including daily baggage transfers and overnight stays in welcoming hotels and B&B's, you can focus on breathing in the wonderful scenery and perhaps enjoying a Guernsey Ice Cream (or two!)

Choose from an island-hopping itinerary taking in the best of the three islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Sark, or concentrate on the beautiful coastline of either Guernsey or Jersey on our stand-alone coastal path tours. If you're looking for something really special, you may also like to consider doing the Channel Islands in Comfort, with overnight stays in some of the island's best boutique hotels. Whatever option you choose, our dedicated team of specialists will make sure your Channel Islands experience is a memorable one! 

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Discover The Channel Islands

  • Channel Islands FAQs

    Q. When is the best time of year to walk in the Channel Islands?

    A. Being closer to France than they are to England, the Channel Islands experience more hours of sunshine than any other part of the UK and they tend to have warm summers and mild winters. Having said that, they are islands, so of course can be susceptible to changeable weather at times. From April through to October you can usually rely on mostly sunny days. July and August can be busy with other holiday-makers meaning the main towns will be much busier so if you do wish to travel at that time of year, we recommend getting booked up early! 

    Q. Are they part of the UK?

    A. The islands are actually self-governed British Crown dependencies, grouped into the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey. This means they have their own local laws, customs and forms of administration. 

    Q. Which language is spoken?

    A. In Jersey, there are two official languages -  English and French. Around 94% of the population speak English but you will see road signs in French. A third language, Jerriais, also exists which is an old Norman language and was used during the Occupation. It is thought that around 15% of the Jersey population have some understanding of Jerriais. In Guernsey, English is the official language and the one used most often, but French is used for administration (and was the official language until 1948). Guernésiais is another variety of Norman and often used during the war again. Today unfortunately it is dying out and only about 2% of the population speak it. 

    Q. How long does it take to get there?

    A. Despite their "exotic-ness", the Channel Islands are actually very easy to get to. There is an airport on each island and it is also well-connected by ferry services. It takes between 45 minutes to 1h 30 to fly from the UK to Jersey or Guernsey with airlines such as Loganair, BlueIslands, Easyjet and Aurigny. By sea, you can catch ferries from Poole or Portsmouth in the UK to Jersey which take between 4 to 10 hours, or also from St Malo in France which is just 1.5 hours. To get to Guernsey, there is a ferry from Poole which takes around 3 hours. 

    Channel Islands FAQs
  • 5 things you didn't know about the Channel Islands

    1) There are 145 species of plants and animals found nowhere else including 100 species of crabs! 

    2) There is much intriguing folklore about the island of Guernsey! Many houses have a protruding piece of granite known as a "witches seat" which were apparently added to buildings so that witches would stop to rest there and not terrorise the island. Another old tale is that fairies once lived in the west of the island and it is said that walking around the "fairy ring" at Pleinmont 3 times will see your wish granted.

    3) Boxes and farm stalls can be found dotted around the islands where locals leave a selection of fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables. The stalls are not attended and passer-bys are trusted to leave the cash. A sure testament to the honest and much more laid-back way of life here!

    4) France, at its closest point is just 14 miles from Jersey!

    5) There are no cars allowed on the small islands of Sark and Herm and everything is moved around by tractor. There is an ambulance and taxi on Sark but they are actually towed by a tractor when needed. 

    5 things you didn't know about the Channel Islands
  • Eat your way around the Channel Islands!

    From freshly caught seafood to an abundance of local produce, the Channel Islands have plenty to offer on the gastronomic front! With a number of michelin-starred restaurants in Jersey and several small artisan restaurants and cafes in Guernsey and neighbouring Sark, it offers lots of opportunities to any foody! Here are some of the tasty treats on offer around the islands;

    Ormer Casserole - a tasty casserole dish made with ormers (a type of shellfish), pork belly, carrots, shallots and plenty of that famous Guernsey butter! 

    Guernsey Gâche - a sweet fruit loaf made with lashings of butter (can you see the theme?), raisins, sultanas and cherries. You will find this served in most cafes around the island of Guernsey.

    Jersey Wonders - a sweet snack similar to a doughnut but without a filling, traditionally made by Jersey housewives as the tide went out.

    Jersey Royal Potatoes - due to Jersey's favourable climate and rich soils, potatoes like this cannot be grown anywhere else. They are sweet and slightly nutty in taste. 

    Guernsey Ice Cream - the cattle in Guernsey produce some of the finest and tasty milk and this of course produces the most wonderful ice cream! Beware though, the milk is high in fat so whilst it may taste extremely good after a day's walking, it may do some damage to your waistline! 

    Freshly caught Lobster -  La Sablonnerie Hotel is a delightful little French-style restaurant on the island of Sark where you can eat the most delicious lobster in their rose-filled garden. An experience definitely worth pencilling in some time for in your day!

    Eat your way around the Channel Islands!


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