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Walking Holidays in Cyprus


  • The dramatic Troodos Mountains and turquoise seas of the Akamas Peninsula
  • Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Byzantine frescoed churches 
  • Fertile green valleys, pine-clad mountains, vineyards, olive and lemon groves
  • Cypriot Greek-influenced cuisine in a taverna where the local wine is plentiful
  • Authentic, characterful and traditional villages in the mountains and by the sea
  • Enjoy a warm local welcome at your charming accommodations with sublime views

The country of Cyprus, situated in the eastern Mediterranean has a turbulent, yet very rich heritage dating back 4,000 years, due to its strategic position between Asia, Africa and Europe. These influences are still prevalent today and there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted all over the island.

The Macs Adventure tours concentrate in the area of the Troodos Mountains in the centre and the Akamas Peninsula on the north west coast. Each area has its own highlights. The Troodos is carpeted with forest and you can explore Kalapanayiotis, a stone village with tiny cobbled streets. Take in the cool pine-scented air on a rich network of hiking trails. The Akamas Peninsula has terrific views over turquoise seas and a stunning coastline. Both areas have vineyards for you to visit and wine tastings to experience and each offers delicious traditional cuisine in quaint tavernas. So why not try our Coast and Mountain Trails of Cyprus tour where you can explore, as the name suggests, both the Troodos and the Akamas, or the Highlights of the Akamas Peninsula on which you can walk throughout the sunny, winter months.

We have travelled to Cyprus and picked out the best walks, sights, and accommodations for you so that you can take in these areas and really appreciate this splendid country and all it has to offer.

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