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Camino Portugués Walking Holidays

Walk to Santiago through a lesser travelled side of Portugal, on the Camino Portugués, an alternative Camino to the more renowned Camino Frances through Spain. Beginning in Lisbon, the Portuguese Camino is a route rich in cultural and archaeological heritage. Experience the warmth of the local people, vibrant historic towns and numerous UNESCO sites.

The Camino Portuguese can be walked in its entirety on the full itinerary, or in stages. For the final two stages from Porto, you can either walk the Traditional Route or the scenic Coastal Way. If you have already completed the Camino Frances, you could experience this alternative pilgrimage whilst collecting a whole new set of stamps for your pilgrim's passport!

  • Which Camino Route is the one for you?

    There are loads of different routes to Santiago de Compostella. Some are quiet, some are wild, some are only a week long and some are overa month. In this video we discuss the various options open to you to help you figure out which of the Caminos is the right one for you, so that you can get your boots on and get walking, confident that you have chosen the Camino that suits you perfectly.

  • What is a Camino?

    The word Camino is one that you will have heard before, but what actually is a Camino and how is it different from a regular walking holiday? In this video we cover the history and some of the key facts of walking a Camino, so that you are clearer on what it involves and might fancy taking one on yourself.

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