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Kindness, community and camaraderie on the Camino
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27 February 2024
Kindness, community and camaraderie on the Camino

One of our Destination and Adventure Specialists – Nash, recently embarked on a solo journey along our Stage 1 Camino del Norte trip. She tells us about her #MacsMoment - a wholesome encounter she experienced on her travels that we just had to share with you. If this isn’t the epitome of the Camino community, we don’t know what is...

Camino Del Norte Stage 1_Selfie2

The Camino provides’ - a phrase I heard repeatedly on my travels along stage 1 of the Camino del Norte, which I often brushed off as just one of those things people say. But what exactly did it mean? I soon discovered on day three...

I was four hours into my 18km hike from Getaria to Deba. The sun was blazing, I was exhausted from the night before and all I had with me was a bottle of water and a very sorry-looking croissant that fell victim to the heat. In the distance I see a café in the middle of nowhere – like a mirage – was it really there?

I was the first to arrive, followed by a few other Spanish–speaking pilgrims who trickled in behind me shortly after. I ordered a bunch of stuff from their already dwindling selection – a couple of cans of thirst-quenching cola and a sandwich. Something to note - a lot of places along the route don’t accept card, only cash. I found this out the hard way when I had to leave empty handed with my tail between legs as the other pilgrims watched. It was going to be a long and hungry day.

But as the door swung closed behind me, I heard shouting in Spanish as someone grabbed my shoulder. It was one of the pilgrims, who lead me back inside where I discovered that they’d all chipped in a couple of euros each and paid for my lunch. Meanwhile, they shared the single sandwich that was left.

I was humbled to say the least, and incredibly overwhelmed by their generosity. They were strangers to each other too and made the decision together to help me. I’d never seen them before and never saw them again. Their kindness was the pep in my step I needed to continue, and I left full of gratitude, with a new and much-needed wind beneath my sails.

When I returned home, I tried to find them so I could thank them again for their kindness. I reached out on the Macs Facebook Community to see if social media could work its magic, but no such luck. Instead, I received messages saying that I’d met my Camino angels - a comforting thought indeed.

Nash Koster

Written by

Nash Koster
Destination and Adventure Specialist
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