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Walking Holidays in Umbria


  • Walk through Umbria, the green heart of Italy, from Spoleto to Assisi
  • Stay in the remarkable hilltop towns of Montefalco and Spello
  • Full-bodied Sagrantino wines and the rich earthiness of tartufo (truffles)
  • Assisi, the birthplace of Italy’s premier saint, St Francis
  • An unspoiled region of old-world traditions and architectural treasures

Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy and has rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, olive groves and vineyards producing amazing Sagrantino wines. From the visually stunning hilltop town of Spoleto, to the birthplace of St Francis, Assisi, Umbria’s old-world traditions have been kept alive due to this region having no sea or country borders. Whilst the towns you visit are vibrant and fun, there is also a sense of tradition with many ancient architectural and artistic treasures to behold.

Why not take our Walking in Umbria walking adventure? From Spoleto, your starting point, you can see your final destination of Assisi perched on Mount Subasio with the sweeping plains below. Begin to get excited about what comes between; constant views to the Apennine Mountains, Etruscan, Roman and medieval history galore and pretty towns offering exquisite cuisine and wines. If you wish, you can combine Umbria with Tuscany, on our Trails of Tuscany and Umbria tour, which offers walking in both regions.

Macs Adventures has been offering walking tours in Umbria for many years and you will definitely have an exquisite experience in this authentic area of Italy. Staying in delightful hand-picked accommodation in small towns that are bursting with culture and history, you are sure to have a fun and meaningful adventure. Practice your Italian on some unsuspecting local who will be more than happy to help with directions or advice!

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  • Who was St Francis of Assisi?

    One of the most venerated religious figures in the Roman Catholic Church ever, St Francis was canonized in 1228, 2 years after this death. 

    Growing up

    He was born in Assisi in 1181 into wealth as his father was a "nouveau riche". He had an easy and rich life but was also a charming and likeable man. He was a born leader and when young was considered to be wild and definitely did not lead the life of a saint in his formative years and beyond into his teens. 

    When God spoke to him

    He fought in local battle (between Assisi and Perugia) and became imprisoned and was chained up in a dark dungeon, until he got ransomed. Amazingly during this time he retained his happy disposition throughout and upon his release he signed on as a soldier for the Fourth Crusade. He did not get very far from home however, when he had a dream in which God spoke to him and told him to go and repair a local church. 

    The Patron Saint of Italy

    From the moment that God spoke to him, his life changed and from then on he chose a life of poverty. He begged for stones that he used to repair churches, he preached, he lived in nature and wore rags. He died aged 45 years but had been considered a saint for years prior to his death and to this day is still loved by people who support the following causes: animal rights movements, feminism, vegetarianism, and ecology.

    Who was St Francis of Assisi?
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