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Top Winter Walking Destinations: The Canaries
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10 October 2023
Top Winter Walking Destinations: The Canaries

Explore the unique, luna-like landscapes of the Canary Islands. An archipelago off the west coast of Africa dishing out toasty temps year-round, the Canaries are a hotbed of dynamic scenery, fabulous food, diverse architectural influences, tradition and charm. Thinking of choosing a walking holiday in the Canary Islands? You won’t be disappointed! 

Why the Canary Islands?

Most people know that the islands were created by volcanoes and expect barren, dry dessert-like landscapes and although it definitely ticks all of these boxes, when thinking about Teide National Park, it’s also blessed with lush green forests. This is the main reason why we have a soft spot for the area. One day you can be exploring Mount Teide, spotting the famous rock structures along the route. The next day, you start your morning walking through forests located high in the cloud line, spotting beautiful flora, making your way down to a small traditional town where a chilled beer awaits your arrival. If a chilled beer isn’t your thing, why not visit a local winery for a wine tasting in a sun-filled courtyard? 

Each island has its own unique experience suitable for all levels.

Take On Tenerife

You can explore the national park with spectacular views of Mount Teide, and as you enjoy the warmth, you’ll be gazing up at the mountain peak which is more than likely dusted with snow! 

At night the sky in the national park comes alive with stars. Did you know that Mount Teide is one of the top locations to view the Milky Way? In fact, Professor Stephen Hawking counted this as one of his favourite locations for star gazing in the world!

The Anaga region is home to beautiful wildflowers and laurel trees where you can follow a loop walk of dappled light with valley views towards your next stopover.

Head To El Hierro 

El Hierro is one of the lesser-known islands and a true hidden gem! Unspoilt villages, authentic hospitality and bizarre twisted trees, shaped by the forces of Mother Nature, you'll feel like you’re on another planet. 

If you’ve been to the main islands and you’re looking for something a little different then this is the island for you. It offers easier walking options and with it being the smallest of the seven islands you can explore most of the island in just over a week. 


Gran Canaria's Calling 

Our Gran Canaria: Islands of Contrasts tour steps away from the busy beaches and instead weaves through volcanic landscapes, dense woodland and sweeping sand dunes towards whitewashed coastal and mountain villages.  

Part of this route takes you along the ancient Camino Reales where you’ll navigate mountain ridges and deep ravines offering panoramic views of the valleys below. 

An Eden of fabulous food, wander valleys of banana, mango and citrus trees before tucking into dishes of seafood paella. 


Go for La Gomera 

The small island of La Gomera has almost a Jurassic feel to it. Vast forest-covered lands, lush vegetation and a challenging walk! This one’s definitely not for the faint-hearted but its tough accents and descents offer fantastic and rewarding views, like those in Garajonay National Park, a World Heritage site that covers 33% of the island. 

The island’s capital, San Sebastian is an interesting first stop with multi coloured buildings scattered in every direction. Fantastic culture and food to be found on every corner! 

If you fancy a combo, check out our Island Hopping: Tenerife & La Gomera trip. 


Follow The Paths Of La Palma 

Known as ‘La Isla Bonita’, aka ‘the pretty island’, La Palma is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve filled with drama. Follow a web of trails through leafy laurel tree forests and along windswept coastlines which mark the way to volcanoes, one of the largest erosion craters in the world, Caldera de Taburiente National Park and a natural amphitheatre that’s nearly 2,500 metres high. This tiny island is sure to knock your socks off.  

Cloud-skimming mountain hotels and properties with a sensational sea view offer a sanctuary to unwind after a day of walking. And feast on local produce like almonds, bananas and avocados.  

We have two epic La Palma trips. Which are you going to choose?


Our top packing tips! 

  • Sunscreen - This is a must as temperatures are between 15-25 degrees all year round
  • Layers - Walking in the higher areas can be chilly in the morning so take a fleece or light jacket
  • Walking poles - Tough descents can be hard on your knees but walking poles ease the pressure 


Dive on into our Canaries walking trips pages for more information or get in touch with one of our specialists at hello@macsadventure.com or give us a call on 01415 308 409 

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