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Adventure of the Week: Mallorca: Tramuntana Trails
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28 September 2017
Adventure of the Week: Mallorca: Tramuntana Trails

Some destinations have a reputation that precedes them. There are travellers turned-off by this every day. Places that are seen to be too dangerous, too difficult to get to, or too touristy. This weeks adventure of the week aims to smash the preconceptions people may have about the glory of Mallorca and get you out there, hiking its otherworldly landscapes and truly escaping, even in one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.

Cuber Reservoir Mallorca Cuber Reservoir

In a nutshell

Tramuntana Trails leads you from the capital of Mallorca, Palma, out along the GR221, the 'Dry Stone Route', to Pollenca, on the north-east corner of the island. Despite the hot-tourist spots seeming to bookend this trip, you will start and finish just outside the tourist trap and maintain the peace you have been immersed in all week. Distance: The route is 80km and takes you from Esporles (30 mins outside Palma) to Pollenca in the north-east, just outside the more famous Port de Pollenca. Grade: This is one of those, 'tough but worth it' trips. It is graded Moderate to Strenuous and indeed there is a lot of rough terrain and climbing involved in exploring the GR221. This is a walk in the mountains and with that, comes some up and down, but oh, the views and sense of accomplishment....worth it!


hiker on a trail in Mallorca Tough, but rewarding Mallorcan trails


Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea.  This little gem of an island is owned by Spain and definitely has some tourist hotspots.  However, while you can be fully exposed to the tourist culture here by staying a few extra nights, we take you straight out of the crowds and walking along the north of the island.

Why Walk Here?

The landscapes of Mallorca are a really big draw.  Walking in the Tramuntana mountains is such an otherworldly experience. There is a sense of timelessness as you walk through this grand mountain range. Birds of prey fly above your head and vistas out over the Mediterranean constantly take your breath away as you walk through the high peaks. The views have a crystalline quality to them, so perfect and clear-cut, due to the way the light reflects off the sea, that you are almost guaranteed to come away with a ton of wonderful pictures.

Deia village in Mallorca Deia Village, a haven for artists.

The walking is also a joy.  While tough going, it is a fascinating part of the world to walk through and there are some real highlights along the way.  Foremost amongst these is on day 6 when you walk the Barranc de Biniaraix. This path has been used by pilgrims since the 14th Century as they go to visit the stunning Lluc Monastery.  Hey, we are not bad people here at Macs Adventure, so as well as getting to visit this delightful monastery, you also get to stay there for the night, finding out more about the monastic life and if you are lucky, getting to witness one of their choir concerts or religious celebrations. The accommodation is the most basic on the whole trip, but it is an incredible experience.  

Lluc monastery in Mallorca Lluc Monastery, simple living

The other, not so basic, accommodation on the route is all situated in delightful towns and villages sprinkled along the north coast of Mallorca.  There are definitely one or two which you will decide to come back to and spend a bit more time in.  Valldemosa is a honey-coloured town which seems to explode out of the rolling hills surrounding it. Deia has long been a haven for artists and freethinkers and its stunning beauty will clue you in to why artists have long flocked here. With streets full of art galleries and outstanding restaurants, Deia is a firm favourite in the Macs office.  Then there is Soller, a sleepier version of the tourism magnet of Palma. With a pristine crescent-moon beach, seafront lined with bars and restaurants, it is very easy to relax into the Mallorcan way of life.

Planning and preparation

Getting to and from this trip is incredibly simple.  There are flights to Palma from just about every major airport in Europe and from Palma, we pick you up at the start of your trip and drop you off at the end.  Couldn't be easier! If you want to find out more about Mallorca: Tramuntana Trails, contact info@macsadventure.com and one of our destination specialists will be more than happy to help.


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