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Five of the best walking socks

There are hundreds of different types of walking socks on the market. They all make great claims and come in a wide range of prices. So where do you start when choosing socks for a walking holiday? We have tested all of these hiking socks and rate them highly for different reasons. Go with our choice, or choose your own but remember to check whether the socks fit well, combat sweat and deal with odours.

Five top walking socks

Walking socks for blister free protection For ultra comfort choose H J Hall ProTrek Technical 4 Dual Skin walking socks. Pulling on new walking socks should always feel wonderfully cushioned and comfortable, which you get with the Dual Skin socks. But this doesn’t always last after several washes. However, even after many washes the ProTrek Technical 4 Dual Skin walking socks still feel so comfy and inviting. The support offered by the socks at the arch and ankle is good. And the “double comfort top” to the socks is a great extra feature. The socks have been tested in tough conditions and on Scottish mountains in full-on rain. They lived up to their claim of anti-blister, even when walking in water-logged bots for a full day. On dry days the socks claim to be breathable and I found they kept feet nice and cool and non-sweaty. H J Hall have been making socks for some 130 years so you would imagine they know a thing or two about socks, wouldn’t you? I think they do!

Walking socks that care about the planet


eko make a bold claim: “We not only make the best socks on the planet we make the best socks for the planet.” Their walking socks are organic, chlorine-free and seamless. Slipping your feet into a Teko socks feels so lovely. The hiking socks are nicely cushioned in the right places, especially the heel. The seamless design of the Teko Midweight hiking socks is perfect. I usually feel as though some part of the socks is rubbing on my toes when I’m walking but not with Tekos. The socks also did very well on a three-day sniff test. They were worn for three days while my feet got wet, sweaty, hot and then wet and sweaty again. Amazingly they still smelt just about ok at the end of the hiking trip.

Walking socks for women

Average man and woman has different feet. Not only are women’s feet generally narrower and flatter but their feet also less than half that of men’s feet. According to research, women have four times as many cold sensors as hot sensors and their body temperature drops at night faster than men. Women also have different perceptions of cold according to their hormone levels. So, all this means. Women need a different type of sock to men.


To offer men and women different socks, Brasher sell a wide range of female and male-specific socks. In particular Brasher Trekmaster socks for women are a great buy. The sock are made from Merino Wool with Meraklon fibres for superb warmth with the ability to wick moisture away from your feet so you can wear them in winter and summer walking conditions. These socks were put to the ultimate test while scrambling/climbing and walking Curved Ridge on the Buchaille Etive Mor, Glencoe. There were a lot of extremes of temperatures and types of walking on this outing. The socks kept my feet warm and dry and there were rubs, discomfort or sagging, just comfort.


Brasher Naturale Trail Long Women’s socks are designed with Coolmax fibres to wick away moisture, while the viscose from bamboo yarn is extremely soft ton the skin and naturally cools through evaporation. Further more, an asymmetric ventilation panel on the top of the sock keeps feet cool and dry in warmer climates. So if you are a woman who tends to have sweaty feet and you’ll be walking on a summer holiday, these Brasher Naturale socks could be just the ticket. They also come with high density padding in the heel, toe, ball and underfoot for extra walking comfort. Lovely!

Walking socks for kids 


Comfort is just as important for children on a walking holiday. Bridgedale CoolFusion Hike Junior socks have a number of benefits including slim-design junior sizing, anti-compression for impact protection and lots of cushioning.  We like the features in these socks. You will find them in S, M and L.  


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