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What to pack for your first walking holiday
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18 February 2016
What to pack for your first walking holiday

You have booked you first self-guided walking holiday – and now you are wondering what to pack. Here's our guide to packing for your first walking holiday. Most Macs Adventure walking holidays include the transport of luggage between accommodation so you will not need to carry all your luggage with you as you walk.

Waterproof outers: If it rains you will need a waterproof jacket and trousers to stay dry. Choose waterproofs according to the conditions you expect. If it is likely to be cold and wet, pack winter quality waterproofs. If there is less chance of rain, take a lightweight and packable set of waterproofs with you. These can be stuffed into the bottom of your daypack and, hopefully, forgotten about.

Baselayers: For comfort, it is a good idea to pack with a layering system in mind. Again, the weather and conditions will dictate how many layers you pack. The basic requirement will be a couple of short-sleeved tops and a couple of long sleeved tops. Choose tops made with merino or yak wool if you plan to wear your baselayers for more than one day. Wool products do not end up as smelly as synthetic products when worn against the skin.

Trousers/shorts: The weather will dictate what you pack. Make sure your legwear is comfortable when walking. You do not want seams or hems to rub your skin. Look for fabrics that allow good breathability and if it is going to be sunny, make sure they have a high sun factor rating. You could choose a pair of trousers that zip off to shorts.

shutterstock_290157899Socks: Pack socks that fit you neatly and offer good comfort and reduced odour. Merino wool is a great choice, or a mix of wool and synthetic fibres. Socks are usually rated according to the seasons, so you can choose lighter weight socks for summer hiking and heavier weight socks for hiking in winter.

Walking footwear: Choose boots and shoes to suit the terrain and conditions. Make sure you have worn the boots before heading off on holiday. Seek advice from the experts – visit a specialist outdoors store – about the right footwear for your chosen walking holiday.

shutterstock_66842440Underwear: Comfortable and supportive underwear is a must if you are walking every day. A sports bra is a must for the ladies.

Accessories: Hats, gloves and buffs should all be considered depending on where you will be walking. For example, if it is likely to be sunny, take a peak or brimmed hat. If it might be cold, add in a beanie. Also consider arm warmers. Many cyclists use arm warmers but they can be useful for walkers too.

Day pack: You will need a small rucksack for all your daytime walking bits and pieces. This is the pack you will carry with you when walking each day. If there is a chance of rain you should add a waterproof rucksack cover to one of the pockets.

Walking poles: Many people find that walking poles are useful for holidays that include a lot of ascent and descent or longer mileages.

Water bottle: You’ll need to stay hydrated so you should pack a refillable water bottle or a hydration bladder for your day pack.

Evening wear: After a day of walking – and a shower – you’ll want to put on clothes that are suitable for relaxing/dining out. Remember that even if it is warm in the daytime, evenings can become a little chilly so make sure you add a fleece or jumper to your luggage.

Evening footwear: Lightweight shoes, trainers or flip-flops will fit the bill for your post-hiking evening wear.

Swimwear: If you will be walking near the coast or plan to use a swimming pool you’ll need a swimming costume, goggles and a towel.

Toiletries: Pack all your essentials and think about how long these will need to last. You might find that some B&Bs and hotels provide small containers of body lotion, shampoo and soap but you should pack your own, too.

shutterstock_112449023Essential extras: Sunglasses, sun cream, camera or phone with camera, small first aid kit, prescribed medication, blister plasters, headache tablets, Immodium, insect repellent, malarial treatment (if required), antiseptic gel or wipes, washing detergent, universal plug adapter, phone and camera charger

Useful extras: Map and compass or a GPS navigation gadget, binoculars, book to read or Kindle, notebook and pen and energy snacks.

Don’t forget: Passport, airline documents, holiday notes (provided by Macs Adventure), any required visas, currency, cash card and travel insurance.

If you are interested in booking your next adventure, Contact Us at Macs Adventure.

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