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10 most Frequently Asked Questions about Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk
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22 February 2018
10 most Frequently Asked Questions about Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk

There are so many considerations when walking the Coast to Coast. We have asked our in-office Coast to Coast experts for their list of Frequently Asked Questions, and you can check the answers out below.

Which Itinerary should I take?

Macs Adventure offers several different itineraries so that all levels of walkers can tackle this mighty trail.  So, basically, the answer is, it depends on your level of fitness. However, you can read a far more extensive response to this particular question on our blog post- How many days to walk the Coast to Coast

How far in advance do I need to book?

We suggest you book as soon as your plans are finalised as Wainwright's Coast to Coast is extremely popular, especially over April/May and September. You will find up to date availability on our website, and we will always try and accommodate your plans.

How fit do I need to be?

We offer a range of itineraries so you can choose your preferred daily distance so hopefully, you will find an itinerary that suits your preferred level of activity. If you currently don’t enjoy an active lifestyle, we suggest regular walking in hilly terrain supplemented by cardiovascular exercise for at least six months before your walk. A good gym or personal trainer will be able to draw up a personalised training programme. For a more precise idea about fitness, read our blog post - How fit should I be for the Coast to Coast?

Can I leave my car in St Bees? How do it get back to it?

If you are thinking of driving, please be aware that there are very limited parking facilities. The only free public parking is available at the railway station (only 18 spaces available) but is not intended for C2C walkers. Many B&Bs have parking available for a small fee per night. For up to date information about the parking available at St Bees, please see the St Bees Community Website. If you left your car in St Bees, you would need to take a bus from Robin Hood's Bay to Scarborough and from here take a train via Manchester and Carlisle to St Bees (approx. 6 hrs). Again, please check the Traveline website for schedules.

Can I leave my car in Kirkby Stephen? How do I get back to it?

Parking in Kirkby Stephen is limited. However, there are some spaces in the Pennine View Campsite. The campsite is secure, and you can leave your car there for the duration of your walk. It costs approximately £4 per car per day. If you did park your vehicle in Kirkby Stephen, we can arrange for a transfer from Robin Hood’s Bay to Richmond, and then onto Kirkby Stephen. However, it is not possible to do it all in one day, so you will have to spend the night in Richmond (which we can also arrange) before being transferred from Richmond to Kirkby Stephen the next day. Alternatively, you can use public transport.

What personal equipment do I need?

You will need good walking shoes/boots (ideally waterproof), comfortable walking clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, a daypack and hats/gloves etc. You can see a full kit list and some hints and tips on our blog post - What should I pack for the Coast to Coast?

When is the best time of year?

Traditionally April/May has always been the most popular time of year because the theory goes that the weather is better. This said any time between late March and October offers a beautiful experience.

Am I able to take my dog?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walkers with dogs as many of the accommodation providers we use do not accept pets.

What happens if I can’t walk a stage?

You can use public transport, bus or local taxis to continue to your next overnight stop.

Which section should I walk, the East or the West?

Of course, we would suggest that you walk both, but if you are hampered for time, then you will have to decide.  You will get advocates for both sides, so to read a balanced view and find out which sounds best to you, read our blog post - Coast to Coast: East vs West.  

If you would like to read any more information from our guide on the Coast to Coast trip or you can look at the itineraries that we offer also. 


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