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The Coast to Coast Walk - East Vs West Sections
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25 November 2011
The Coast to Coast Walk - East Vs West Sections

The Coast to Coast Walk can be broken up into two sections, West and East.  Both sections have their similarities and differences and there is not a right or wrong way to walk.  Due to the length of the walk - 191 miles, most people will break the sections up over a few years (maybe doing the West section first and then doing the East section a couple of years later).

The West Section

The West section of the Coast to Coast Walk runs from St Bee's to Keld and this for me is the best section as it has some of the most impressive scenery and is really what Walking Holidays in England are all about.  With tough sections and high climbs the west section offers up panoramic views from the high routes right the way out over the English lakeside. You will visit some quaint lakeland towns such as Patterdale and Rosthwaite on route and really take in what the lake district has to offer.

Keeping you going in the right direction on the Coast to Coast walk

Most walkers will make the Coast to Coast walk in a West to East direction so you will have a great feeling of camaraderie along the route.  If you have decided to only tackle one section of the Coast to Coast Walk, I would suggest the West section is the best as although it is tougher it gives you a real feel for the English Lakes and the remarkable scenery surrounding you.

The East Section

The East section of the Coast to Coast leads you towards the Coast and is definitely the easier of the two.  A lot of people decide to tackle the East section first in order to gear themselves up for the West and all its glory. The East section takes you from Keld out to Robin Hood's Bay on the Coast which is a tranquil seaside town and the perfect completion of the Coast to Coast Walk. You can expect enchanting woodlands, cliff top walking and open moors.  Spanning its way across the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors the East part of the Coast to Coast Walk also provides shorter days and mileage compared to the West. Both the East and the West on the Coast to Coast Walk provide great highlights and I would thoroughly recommend both parts, however, if I were to choose I would suggest to complete the East section first to build yourself up to the West.   If you are only going to complete one section then the drama and outstanding scenery of the West would be the one to go for, despite it being a bit tougher. If you want any more information about the Coast to Coast Walk or any other walking holiday in England, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Macs Adventure.

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