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Walk Your Way to Wellness
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28 December 2023
Walk Your Way to Wellness

After a season of indulgence, the New Year often injects fresh motivation to start new habits and reach goals. A mission to get fit and healthy is high on the resolution list, which sees us dusting off our exercise gear and reaching for our hiking boots.  

These new habits should be for life, not just for (post) Christmas, and need to be introduced in a way that doesn’t feel unsustainable or overwhelming, so there’s no reverting to old routines after a few weeks of commitment. 

So, to begin this fresh, new year, we’re inspiring, motivating and encouraging adventurers – new and experienced - to walk regularly, so that your healthy lifestyle sticks around beyond January.

“Our community has been inspiring people to walk for over 20 years now - sharing stories about their journeys and the positive impact that walking has had on their mental health and wellbeing. Step by step we’ll be looking to support as many people as possible to stay active.” - Neil Lapping, Founder


Is walking good for you?

Great question. Studies show that walking between 7.5k-10k steps a day can be extremely beneficial for your health, here’s how...

  • Nature nurtures – stretching your legs amongst nature is a great antidote for stress. It relaxes, enhances mental well-being, tops up your Vitamin D and fills your lungs with fresh air.

  • Mood booster – exercise releases endorphins, a chemical which helps block out pain, reduce stress and leaves you feeling happier.

  • Increase energy – yes you read right, doing exercise fills your energy tank, leaving you feeling more productive and motivated.

  • Sweet dreams – adding activity to your daily routine helps improve your quality of sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

  • Overall health – regular and daily walks help build stamina, burn excess calories, make your heart healthier, and contribute to good mental health and wellbeing.

“We know through the work we do just how powerful physical activity can be as a tool for improving mental health and cannot advocate it enough for positive mental wellbeing.” - Neil Harris, CEO, Sport in Mind

It’s estimated that more than a quarter of UK adults own an exercise tracker of some kind, with a third of those wearing theirs every single day, meaning it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your steps. So, what are you waiting for? Step to it!

How to get started on your walking journey

  • Begin with short brisk walks during your lunch break or to start your day – you should feel slightly out of breath.

  • When that starts to feel easier, increase your walking time by at least 2 minutes, then 5 minutes and so on.

  • Continue to do this over the course of the next couple of months.

  • Maybe go on one of our easier and first-time adventures or a Slower Adventure to give you a taste of the joys of a walking holiday.

  • Before you know it, you’ll be totally hooked on walking in nature (like we are!).


Our walking route step counts 

We’ve done a bit of digging and worked out roughly how many steps it takes to complete some of our popular walks, to show just how achievable your walking goals really are!*



Route: West Highland Way Highlights

Discover towering mountains, tranquil lochs, and rushing rivers as you walk from Drymen to Fort William.

Duration: 7 days (5 days of walking)

Total steps:166,966 (33,400 steps per day)

Calories: approx. 988 per day

Equivalent: an hour of kayaking, boxing, scuba diving or circuit training.

Check out this West Highlands Way Highlights trip


Route: South Downs Way Short Break

Walk the iconic white chalk sea cliffs of the Seven Sisters, explore medieval villages and visit historic attractions along the way.

Duration: 4 days

Total steps: 100,743 (25,186 per day)

Calories: approx. 745 per day

Equivalent: a morning of errands like doing the food shop, deep cleaning the house and washing the car (I know what we’d rather be doing!).

Check out this South Downs Short Break



European Adventures

Route: Walking Portofino and the Cinque Terre

An unforgettable journey, walking village to village, alongside lemon groves and vineyard-lined pathways.

Duration: 8 days (5 days of walking)

Total steps: 137,125 (27,425 per day)

Calories: approx. 811 per day

Equivalent: an hour of playing football, rowing, swimming or skipping.

Check out this Walking Portofino and the Cinque Terre trip


Route: The Dingle Way

National Geographic Traveller voted south-west Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula as “the most beautiful place on earth”.

Duration: 8 days (6 days of walking)

Total steps: 203,958 (33,993 per day)

Calories: approx. 1000 per day

Equivalent: an hour of jumping jacks or 4 hours of shopping.

Check out this Dingle Way trip


Route: Walking the Catalan Coast

Explore coastal paths with views of the glittering Mediterranean, and inland routes through the Catalan countryside.

Duration: 8 days (5 days of walking, 1 day sightseeing)

Total steps: 86,694 (14,449 per day)

Calories: 427 per day

Equivalent to: 30mins of high intensity interval training (HIIT), 40 mins of Zumba or climbing the stairs.

Check out this Walking the Catalan Coast trip


*Step counts are based on Macs Adventure employees’ personal step counts and are a guideline only.

Kirsty Schneider

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Kirsty Schneider
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