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5 Things We Love About Yorkshire
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01 August 2017
5 Things We Love About Yorkshire

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone.

While many of you may not be aware that this is the national day to celebrate the joys of Yorkshire, we are here to give you some insight into why we love this historic county of England so much.

1. Food

A creamy slab of Wensleydale cheese from Yorkshire sits on a slice of homemade bread

Wensleydale Cheese with a bit of Cranberry. Delicious!!

While we all are aware of the sumptuousness of Yorkshire Pudding (and if you are not, get straight on it!) many don't realise that Yorkshire is a treasure trove of gastronomic pleasure. It is the currently the county with the most Michelin starred restaurants in all of England, which is no mean feat. There are also a plethora of regional specialities to fall in love with like Parkin, the delicious ginger cake, oozing with its spicy ginger and treacle flavours.  Ideal after a day walking the moors!  On a savoury note (though with a hint of honey sweetness) is the iconic Wensleydale cheese. Despite there being 5 main types of Wensleydale, the variations throughout the region are growing by the day.

2. Towns

Pink and purple flowers line the path leading to the Yorkshire town of Grassington

Walking into the village of Grassington on our Escape to the Yorkshire Dales trip

There are so many charming towns and mighty cities in Yorkshire. York should definitely be on everyone's must visit list, but here at Macs Adventure, we love the rural. Busy market towns like Settle and towns geared towards getting the most out of the great outdoors, like Grassington are firm favourites. You will find loads of traditional villages, with cobbled town squares, cosy pubs and shops selling the very best of Yorkshire's outstanding local fare. The Yorkshire Dales have more of these lovely little villages than you can count and I would recommend our Escape to the Yorkshire Dales trip to experience the best of them.

3. Landscapes

Rolling green hills fade into the distance on the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales provide one of many outstanding landscapes.

Yorkshire is often referred to by locals as God's Own Country, or God's Own County, if they are feeling more precise. Yorkshire has a rich tapestry of landscapes, from wild, enchanting coastal views, to fell-packed vistas bursting with character. The county has two National Parks, the North York Moors and the Dales Way, both places of outstanding natural beauty and we are very keen to showcase these dramatic landscapes on our trip on the Dales Way and the iconic Coast to Coast.

4. The People

Two happy walkers smile at the camera despite being caught in the rain

Meeting friendly locals on the Coast to Coast path

The people of Yorkshire love their county so thoroughly that it is a great joy to visit and share their passion. If you think your own part of the world has something special about it, people from Yorkshire will be quick to tell you how much better their version is, not out of a desire to be the best, but out of a deep-seated love of everything to do with Yorkshire. The friendliness and warm welcome we have received any time any of the Macs team have visited Yorkshire has made it one of our favourite places to visit.  Fair enough, the walking and cycling are pretty amazing, but it is the people we go back for.

5. History

York minster bathed in the light of the setting sun.

York Minster, the most famous historical landmark in all of Yorkshire

Steeped in centuries of history, Yorkshire has been invaded by Celts, Romans, and Vikings to name a few who have all left their mark in some way. The industrial revolution also left an excess of historical buildings to explore and learn about the rich history of the county. Remarkable castles, breath-taking minsters and impressive industrial architecture can be found all over the county.

If you want to go a little further back you can take a stroll down the coast on the Cleveland Way and experience a coastline rich in fossils and dinosaur footprints. We love Yorkshire and if we can be of any help sending you there to experience its dramatic landscapes and lovely people, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our destination specialists.


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