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My 4 Must-Go Routes or Regions for Adventure in Spain
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23 March 2017
My 4 Must-Go Routes or Regions for Adventure in Spain

As a bit of a travel addict, it is definitely a testament to Spain that I have returned over and over again to enjoy the vast variety of experiences and adventures on offer. Although I've enjoyed many attributes of this wonderful country, I still have a long list of places to visit! Here are some of my favourite adventures from past travels, and one hopefully still to come...


A region steeped in Catalan tradition, where you’ll more likely to see the Catalan flag flying rather than the Spanish. I found Catalonia to be filled with warm and friendly people who love to talk about their region.  Walking is varied from the mountains in the Pyrenees to beautiful sandy coves along the coast. If you like red wine, a good phrase to know is "una copa rioja, por favor"…Catalan reds are very nice.


Catalan food 


Andalucía is one of my all-time favourite parts of Spain where the cities are steeped in history (Alhambra in Granada/ Cathedral in Seville) and you’ll still find amazing tapas bars offering everything from Padron peppers (my favourite) to Iberico hams.  It’s also a walkers paradise, with mountain ranges a plenty; Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada, and Sierra de Aracena (to name a few), and a perfect place to head later in the year. 

Camino Ingles

One of the original pilgrimages for anyone coming from the UK as the start point in Ferrol would have been their first steps in Spain.  A great introduction to Galicia, the Camino Ingles route takes you by stunning medieval towns (you might be lucky to see a fiesta when you're there) that are steeped in history. The best part though is Galician food and drink. Everything from scallops, fresh fish to the local cider. Camino Ingles

Camino Ingles, taking a break 

Canary Islands

I've still to tick this one off, but I'd love to head off to explore the Canary Islands. I think Tenerife is top of my list as it is so well known for the tourist parts of the South, but the lesser-known North offers travellers so much more. I'd love to challenge that perception of Tenerife. The Volcanic landscapes are so dramatic, and combined with the lush forests it’s a region you won’t forget in a hurry.


My Spanish favourites are just a sample of the routes and regions available, I've not even mentioned the Pyrenees, the Basque region.... It really is a country of many flavours and with something to suit every taste. If you are interested in finding out more about walking or cycling adventures in Spain (in my opinion the absolute best way to truly experience Spain), do contact us at Macs Adventure on info@macsadventure.com, or browse all kinds of Spanish adventures on our website.

Nicola Allan

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Nicola Allan
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