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Countryside and Coastal Walking Holidays in France

Countryside & Coastal

  • Follow trails along the same meaningful routes taken by medieval pilgrims 
  • Welcoming wine cellars and walks through famous vineyards in Burgundy and Alsace 
  • Easy-going itineraries with time to discover majestic chateaux and peaceful riversides 
  • Experience less-challenging mountain walks in the Alps and Pyrenees
  • Fairy-tale hilltop villages, colourful gardens and rugged windswept coastlines 
  • Be indulged on an "In Style" tour and relish overnight stays in charming hotels

Within our "countryside and coastal" collection of authentic walking holidays we have an extensive range to choose from. Perhaps you love the idea of exploring a region in-depth and this is possible on these meaningful and fun adventures. Take a tour in one of the iconic regions of France, such as on our Classic Provence adventure, where you can embrace the discovery of a vineyard off the trail, (and nip in for a wine-tasting!) or hear the chatter and laughter of the locals in a lively market. Wander down the cobbled and narrow streets of a medieval village on the Alsace Wine Route where an inhabitant is hanging out the daily laundry. Say "bonjour" to a farmer off-the-beaten track on the Stevenson's Trail, where you are are more likely to see a tractor than a car. Say "au revoir" to the hospitable and warm owner of a "gites" on the Camino Le Puy pilgrimage route where you have spent the night eating a very authentic and typically French meal the night before.

Perhaps you prefer peaceful riverside scenery such as on the Loire Valley Chateaux Trail or you do like mountain walking, but prefer something a little less-strenuous, such as the Classic Walks of Mont Blanc or Walking in the Pyrenees National Park where, although you are surrounded by incredible mountain scenery, the tour has been specially set up so that you can minimise the challenge by taking cable cars to the top and take the trails going down.

France also provides coastal walking at its very best. On the Provence Mountains to the Mediterranean tour view the famed Calanques with their turquoise blue waters or admire the windswept coastlines in Brittany and the Island of Corsica, where Napoleon was once imprisoned. Really enjoy learning about the region in which you are walking, its history, culture, and local cuisine. The Dordogne's gourmet food scene will make you want to return with dishes such as duck confit, truffles and creme brulee.

Whichever type of countryside and coastal tour in France you choose, have confidence that Macs Adventure will provide you with walks that will take you to places worthy of discovery, as we have the knowledge and experience to find the tour that will perfectly suit your needs.

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Discover Countryside & Coastal

  • Local Markets in France

    Visiting a traditional town or village market in France is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and is such a highlight of any trip to France. What an amazing opportunity to try out your French language skills, even if they are found wanting! However, you can get by with a small amount of the language and gesticulations help! People are generally very friendly and will assist you in your endeavours to find the best local produce, whether it be gingerbread in Alsace or a regionally-produced cheese, such as Cabecou, a soft goats cheese in the Dordogne. Attending a market, with its lively chatter, hustle and bustle also provides the opportunity to purchase you picnic lunch before you embark on your daily walk. Even if you just buy a baguette and a local cheese it always tastes so fresh and delicious. Bring a penknife (but make sure to check it in at the airport) and some napkins and "voila" your picnic lunch is complete. 

    Famous Markets in France

    Sarlat-le-Caneda - Dordogne

    Wed-Sat: 8am to 12:30pm

    Situated in the heart of the historic centre of this medieval town, this market seems to stretch on for miles and offers seasonal produce, clothes, and jewellry, etc. You name it, they have it!

    Orleans - Loire Valley

    Sat: 7.30am to 12.30pm

    Exceptional setting on the banks of the Loire River and very close to the historic centre. One hundred or so stalls offering seasonal fruits and veggies. 

    Limoges - Limousin

    Sat 7am to 1pm

    This market is called Marceau and the locals, as well as buying its produce, tend to use it as a meeting place. So here you really will be "meeting the locals". 

    Vannes - Brittany

    Wed & Sat mornings

    Extensive and bustling with top-notch produce. Be sure to try some seasonal veggies which you can use in your picnic lunch or search for Tome de Rhuys, a top Breton cheese. 


    Local Markets in France
  • Wine Regions of France

    For hundreds of years France has had the reputation for being one of the world's best producers of fine wines. Recently it has been reinventing itself as the wine industry has been evolving and they have had to keep up. Today France is still classed as offering some of the world's best wines of great variety and value. 

    Here are 5 of the most famous:


    This wine growing area stretches from the lower slopes of the Vosges Mountains to the Rhine Valley. As it is situated close to the German border (and used to be part of Germany!) it is steeped in this tradition and they produce mostly dry and fruity varieties with the most popular being Riesling and Gewurztraminer. 


    This region is the only one of the five that is solely located right next to the sea. This has enabled it to be exported abroad for many centuries. Because of links between French and English royal families it became the main supplier of wine to England. It is situated around the estuary of the Gironde and the city of Bordeaux and slightly inland  along the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers. 


    This wine area covers a narrow strip of land which runs southeast from Dijon. The "Grands Crus" are at the top of the quality pyramid, the best of which are reds and some can keep for 20 years or more. 


    The Loire Valley region is particularly renowned for its crisp and dry whites. This is all thanks to the Romans since grapes have been cultivated here for over two thousand years. From Chinon to Chenin Blanc and Sancerre to Sauvignon Blanc these wines are definitely sought after. Do not miss the chance for a wine-tasting in one of the local "caves" along the way.


    The Cote du Rhone vineyards run for over 200km from the south of Lyon down the Rhone Valley and all the way to the Camargue on the Mediterranean coast. They tend to have blended grape varieties such as Viognier, Syrah and Grenache. 



    Wine Regions of France
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