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Madeira Walking Holidays

Explore Madeira, and enjoy the contrast between flower-filled landscapes, stark rugged coastlines, cobbled streets and lush foliage. A self-guided walking holiday in Madeira is a delight for the senses, with fragrant and colourful floral delights, and tranquil friendly towns to enjoy fresh seafood or local specialities.

Madeira is an island that has walking as part of its DNA. The people of the island developed a complex network of levadas (irrigation channels) to bring the high rainfall from the lush green interior of the island and spread it all over. The paths used to build and maintain the levadas form the bulk of what you will walk along. You can walk through the horticultural paradise of the Flower Island or take a more coastal slant in the Sunny South West.

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  • Walking in Madeira: Frequently Asked Questions
    Walking in Madeira: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need walking boots in Madeira? - In a word, yes! If you are going to take a walking holiday in Madeira, then we would recommend hiking boots as opposed to walking shoes or sandals. The paths are well laid out and easy to follow; however, occasionally, the terrain can be rough, and to protect your ankles, we recommend walking boots. Also, Madeira is fond of cobbled streets that have been known to cause ankle injuries, so additional support is always a great idea.  

    What are Levadas in Maderia? - Levadas are irrigation channels built to bring water from the north slopes of Madeira, where it exists in abundance, to the south side of the Island. Levadas make for ideal walking paths as they explore the very heart of the Island, allowing for exploration where previously it would have been impossible.  

    How many Levadas are there in Maderia? - There are over 200 different levadas in Madeira, covering over 1,350 miles. Many of these visit incredible parts of the Island that would be difficult to visit in any other way than by walking there. 

    Is Maderia a winter destination? - Yes, because of its geographic location, Madeira tends to have much milder winters than mainland Europe, meaning that in winter temperatures can still be in the 50s, which mainly makes for pleasant walking weather.  

    What is Madeira famous for? - Madeira is firstly renowned for its fortified wines, traditionally known for being sweet and sticky, there are also some dry versions to enjoy with/after dinner. 

    When is the best month to visit Madeira? - Madeira is a year-round destination, though it should be noted that in the winter months, it is a little cooler. We would probably suggest April-June or September-December as the best times to visit Madeira. The summer months can be hot, and especially for a hiking tour, the spring and autumn provide perfect conditions.  

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