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Best things to do in Bath
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30 June 2023
Best things to do in Bath

With lots to do and see in the city thats full of history, culture, well-being and green spaces, see our insider tips below!

Visit the Roman Bath - Step back in time and take in your surroundings as you walk on paths that were once created by the Romans. Take the tour and let yourself be transported to what time would have been like back then. (Tip - The audio guide used for the tour includes some sections which have alternative commentary from the author Bill Bryson so make sure to look out for his 'Bryson' signs.) At the end of the tour you have a chance to take a sip of the mineral-rich thermal water which the Romans believed had certain health benefits.

Have Afternoon Tea in the Pump Room - The benefit of booking Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room (aside from the food!) is the fact you can buy tickets to include a Roman Baths visit which saves waiting in the long queues outside. Eat in decadent surroundings while a resident pianist plays. You also have the chance to sample the spa water from the fountain which contains 43 minerals and was a recognised treatment for certain conditions in the late 17th Century. (Today this is used to heat the Roman Baths and pump room site in the winter) 

Soak in the Thermae Bath Spa - You can book a two-hour spa session where you can enjoy unspoiled views of Bath whilst sitting in the rooftop pool which has naturally warm, mineral-rich water. But that's not the only pool, theres also the indoor Minerva Bath which is named after the Roman Goddess of Health and Wisdom and has a jacuzzi-like whirlpool within it. One of the saunas is Roman-inspired and has a replica mosaic of Sulis Minerva on the wall. The steam is infused with the aroma of flowers and botanicals as herbs were believed to be used by the Romans for their healing powers.


Try a bun at Sally Lunn's! - There are many stories of why Sally Lunn travelled from France to Bath, one being to escape persecution in France. One of the oldest homes in Bath, it still has the original kitchen used by Sally Lunn where she created the Georgian favourite, Sally Lunn bun. It’s now a museum where you can see where the popular delicacy was invented and get a sense of what her life would have looked like. Still using the traditional brioche style recipe, the etiquette is to be served half a bun which is toasted with a sweet or savoury topping. If youre unable to get a table in the tearoom or are short on time, you can also buy a bun to take away which is freshly baked and packaged in a beautifully decorated box. Its recommended you buy one of the condiments rather than eat the bun on its own. 

Visit the Jane Austen Centre - Bath was the inspiration and backdrop of the novels 'Northanger Abbey and 'Persuasion' as well as featuring in other writings. Dressed in the attire youd expect for this period, costumed character guides within the museum allow you to escape the present and get an insight into Jane Austen's life. You can also just visit the tearoom for some tea, homemade cake and a range of afternoon teas with one of the options being 'Tea with Mr. Darcy' - who can resist?!

The Royal Crescent - One of Bath's most iconic landmarks, these 30 Grade I listed buildings are shaped like a half-Colosseum and were built between 1767 and 1775. Theyre one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK and has been used for several filming locations, like Bridgerton Why not pop into the traditional pub and music venue St James Wine Vaults favoured by the locals just behind the Crescent who serve a range of ales, ciders and lagers as well as a large selection of wine, and spirits? 

Marvel at the sight of Bath Abbey - Whether you take a tour to witness the inside of this impressive building or just admire it from the outside...tBath Abbey has been a place of Christian worship for over 1,200 years and services still take place throughout the week. It was in Bath Abbey in 973 AD that the coronation of King Edgar the first 'King of all England' was held. This then became the template for all subsequent coronations including the recent coronation of King Charles III in May 2023. You may just like to sit on the benches beside the Abbey to take in the view and listen to the buskers who frequently play in the centre.

Walk around the Bath Guildhall Market - The oldest shopping venue in the city, this historic indoor market has been trading for over 800 years. Located just down the road from Bath Abbey, it has all sorts of stalls selling jewellery, gifts, traditional sweets, cheeses, teas and coffees made by local produce and family-run businesses.

Watch some cricket - Experience the region's favourite sport and pastime! Watch thrilling county cricket matches, just a stone's throw from the city centre at Bath Cricket Club. Enjoy the action from the roadside viewing area for free or elevate your experience at the clubhouse, where you can savour the game with a drink in hand from the bar (how cricket should be watched if you ask the locals!)

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