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6 Reasons to Choose a Classic Route
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17 October 2023
6 Reasons to Choose a Classic Route

Our Classic Routes include some of the most popular and well-known trails in the world. With the journey at their centre, when completed, these routes bring a huge sense of accomplishment due to their challenging nature. From the West Highland Way and Tour du Mont Blanc to the Danube Cycle Path and England's Coast to Coast route. if you're a walking or cycling enthusiast, you're going to want to check this out! 


World-Renowned Routes 

Made up of national and famous trails, all over the world, these trips are firm favourites for a reason. Usually on waymarked paths, the terrain can offer a challenge, but often leads to epic views, cute villages and historic sites. Stand on top of the world once you reach the summit, feel like you’re making a new discovery when wandering whispering woodlands and watch birdlife skim the waters as you pause lakeside for lunch. So worth it! 


It's an Achievement 

Getting from A to B abroad is an incredible achievement – especially if you’re doing it solo. Add long days of walking, tackling tricky trails and climbing steep tracks to the mix and that makes it even more impressive and something to be immensely proud of too - the cherry on top of the achievement cake. 
Finish every day feeling accomplished and another step closer to your goal. You could even enjoy a glass of something to celebrate each evening – the perfect incentive. Cross the finish line feeling insanely proud of yourself. You did it! That’s another dream checked off your list - ready for your next adventure? 

Long Distance Trails 

These trips pack a punch and there’s no denying the long days are tough. But boy do the memories, sights, sounds and people you meet along the way make the effort beyond worth it. 

You'll want to shout from the rooftops (or mountaintops) about your journey and what we think will be an invigorating experience in the outdoors. They’re impressive additions to your list of accomplishments (and bragging rights) and they’re also great if you collect GR routes. Ready? Let's go! 

Tried and Tested Itineraries 

Our trips have been built by our knowledgeable team who have walked the walks and biked the trails to make sure you get the best experience possible. We want your trip to run like clockwork, so once you’ve chosen your route, date and duration, we do the rest. From accommodation and luggage transfers to logistics and personal recommendations. No need to lift a finger. 

Trip of a Lifetime 

Our Classic Routes are the kind of vacation you dream about. They take you to the tops of glassy glaciers, to the edge of jutting lookouts, through sweeping valleys, along indigo fjords and across rolling countryside and snaking mountain paths.  

When you choose a Classic Route, perhaps it’s to journey back in time to follow the footsteps of your ancestors, to take on a route you’ve had your heart set on completing for years, or you’re simply an avid hiker with an appetite for adventure and want to check off another trail. Whatever your reason for travelling, these trips will fuel your sense for adventure, for sure. There’s more where that came from. 

Packed with Flavour 

These routes have the journey at their core, but that doesn’t mean they’re not packed with culture, comfort, community and culinary delights too. Perhaps on an Alpine adventure you come across a charming farming town, huddled into the side of a Bavarian mountain where the locals are friendly and welcome you to their hometown.  

You could be wheeling along the Danube River when you stop at an inviting watering hole perched on the edge of the river, where you meet some fellow cyclists who have also paused the pedalling for a well-earned, ice-cold drink.  

Or maybe after a day of walking you reach a historic hamlet, nestled in the dip of an English valley, where you sink into cloud-like comfort at your cosy B&B and tuck into wholesome, hearty and moreish local pub grub. 

Kirsty Schneider

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Kirsty Schneider
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