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Why Walk in Brittany?
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08 March 2022
Why Walk in Brittany?

There are many reasons to walk in Brittany. It's my opinion that when you explore a place from the window of a bus, you are not discovering it in depth. Perhaps the towns and villages where the bus stops, but the reality is that as soon as you get away from the "tourist-trail" you begin to experience a destination, it's history, culture and landscapes on another level. Walk through a cool forest and feel the wind in your hair, breathe in the fresh sea air as you jauntily stroll along a stunning Brittany coastline.

Wherever you go, walking really helps you to feel "at one" with a place and all the emotions that that produces. You can really lose yourself in this enchanting area of France. Hop on a little ferry to explore the small islands in the Gulf of Morbihan and have time to really become acquainted with the town of Vannes amongst its medieval walls and ramparts. Relax in the evenings and practice your French with a waiter, whilst ordering a plate of fresh seafood or some delicious locally-produced cider. Really get your taste buds a tingling with an order of Lambig, a cider brandy equivalent to Normandy's Calvados. 

Walk along sections of the GR34, a coastal path that stretches over 2,000km of Brittany coastline. This long-distance trail is a route steeped in history and is named the "custom-officers path" as it was originally formed to prevent smuggling and people pillaging shipwrecks. In 1968 some passionate walkers decided to make it into a walking trail. Once again these landscapes and their history can be discovered in depth by walking and having the time to soak it all in. 


Sally Thompson

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Sally Thompson
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