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10 great ideas for National Bike Week
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04 June 2015
10 great ideas for National Bike Week

National Bike Week takes place this month from June 13 to 21. The annual event aims to encourage more people to cycle and to underline that “everyday cycling is for everyone”.

Bike Week 2015 has a special focus of cycling to work.

10 reasons to get on your bike

1) Health booster: Cycling is a great way to lose weight, tone up and boost your all-round fitness. It helps that cycling is also a great way to get from A to B so you can be going places and boosting your fitness. In fact, cycling might even help you to live longer…

2) Live longer: A study found that fast cyclists lived up to five years longer than those who cycled at a slower pace – and the speed was more important than the duration. The 20-year Copenhagen City Heart Study found men who cycled quickly survived 5.3 years longer than those cycling the most slowly. Men pedalling at an average pace lived 2.9 years longer. Among women, fast cyclists lived 3.9 years longer and average-speed cyclists, 2.2 years longer than slower cyclists.

3) To save money: Ride to work, or at least part of the way, and put the money that you save in petrol and public transport into a moneybox. You can use the savings to put a shiny new bike, clothing or a cycling holiday.


4) To be sociable: Cycling is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family (and it sets a good example to your kids). If the roads are quiet, or on traffic free paths, you can a pair up and enjoy the chat. If you join a club you’ll also met new people and make new friends.

5) To race: There are hundreds of cycling events, from short and fast time trials to long and sociable endurance sportives. Most offer different routes to suit different ages and abilities. Having the goal of a cycling event will motivate you to get fitter on your bike.

6) To try new activities: Cycling comes in many forms, including cyclocross, mountain biking, road, time trialling, BMX, Audax, sportives, hill climbs, Everesting. Once you start on two wheels you’ll never want to stop.

7) To satisfy your n+1: N + 1 is the (fun) cycling equation where N is the Number of bikes you already own and 1 is the number of extra bikes you feel the should own. If you cycle more you can rightly justify buying a new bike.

8) To take up the Cycle to Work Scheme: Many employers are part of the Government backed programme that offers some significant (tax) savings on buying a new bike for commuting to work.


9) For retail therapy: If you are going to be cycling more then you surely need some new clothing!

10) For new holiday ideas: Cycling is a great way to enjoy a holiday, whether it’s on your own, as a couple or with your family. You’ll see new places, explore at the perfect cycling pace and even come home fitter than when you left on a cycle tour holiday!  


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