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10 reasons to go on a trail running holiday
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10 August 2015
10 reasons to go on a trail running holiday

Trail running is fast growing with many more people discovering the joys of the sport that offers great freedoms, scenic exploration and fitness benefits. Trail runners are also increasingly keen to sign up to a rising number of off-road races and events and test their endurance on long-distance walking trails.

10 benefits of a trail running holiday


  1. More to explore: It’s like a walking holiday, only faster. A trail running holiday gives a lot of freedom to explore the countryside and to enjoy it up-close yet it allows you to cover longer distances in a shorter time.
  2. Great routes: Many long-distance walking routes are also perfect for trail runners. They are usually well-trodden or well-followed routes and some have the benefit of waymarkers, too. These established routes have been long enjoyed by walkers, so why not enjoy them at a faster pace?
  3. Perfect as a short break: If a walking route takes seven days to walk, it will take half the time to run it, or less, so long as you are fit enough to do the distances. This means you could book a shorter trip, rather than using up all your holiday allowance on one longer trip.
  4. Wildlife and scenery: Walking and running holidays have the advantage of an up-close-and-personal countryside experience. While running you’ll see landscapes and wildlife at first hand.
  5. Let someone take your luggage: A trail running holiday gives you the freedom to run with only a light day pack as your main luggage is transferred for you between accommodations.
  6. A to B running: If your trail runs are normally from A to A (or car park to car park), a trail running holiday will feel like a dream come true. Let someone else plan your A to B route each day and relax knowing you have accommodation booked ahead.
  7. Special food drops: On a trail running holiday you don’t even need to worry about snacks and food along the way because someone else can organise this and arrange food drops when you want them.
  8. Tick off multiple routes: If you have always wanted to do famous routes such as the West Highland Way or Great Glen Way but have never had the time, trail running will speed up your trip – and allow you to tick off more than one long-distance trail in a year.
  9. Recce for a race: There are some famous and acclaimed races that follow trails such as the West Highland Way and the Mont Blanc Trail. Perhaps you would like to find out what they are like before entering these events. If so, a trail running holiday will make your first outing on these trails so much easier and simpler.
  10. Come home fitter: A trail running holiday has the huge benefit of allowing you to keep fit while on holiday, instead of coming home half a stone heavier after all those holiday indulgences. You will also benefit from being stronger and having improve biomechanics since trail running is one of those sports that is great for all-round fitness.

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