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10 top smartphone photography apps
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09 April 2015
10 top smartphone photography apps
Most people carry a smartphone with them on holiday and many will make use of them for taking photographs. Here we look at some of the best mobile phone apps for photographers. Snapseed icon175x175Platforms: iPhone and Android Enhance, transform and share your photos on social media and via email. The many features include:
  • Easy adjustment one-tap Auto Correct
  • Selective Adjust to enhance specific objects or areas in photos
  • Fun and innovative filters such as Drama and Vintage.
  • Image Borders for a great finishing touch
Price: Free for iOS via the Apple store and android at Google Play. and App Instagram imgres-4Platforms: iPhone Instagram is a simple way to capture and, more importantly, share your photos. This is one of the fastest-growing social media networks and with this free app you can transform photos and then share with family and friends. Price: Free for iOS.     VSCO Cam unnamed copyPlatforms: iPhone and Android The best thing about VSCO Cam is the one-tap editing pre-sets that can be used to add classic styling to your photos. Many one-tap editing apps have a poor quality of filters but the VSCO Cam filters are nice and subtle. So, with this app, you can add tints, shadows and highlights to your pics for great effects. Price: Free for iOS via the Apple store and android at Google Play.     Camera+ imgres-1Platforms: iPhone Control your phone camera like a "real" manual camera, such as an SLR, with functions including ISO and shutter speed control, manual focus and image stabilisation. There are lots of different scene modes, touch focus, 6x zoom, continuous flash, as well as some great editing functions. Price: £1.49 on the Apple store     DOF Calculator dofPlatforms: Android. Use this app like a much more sophisticated camera on manual setting for Depth of Field (DOF). By adjusting DOF you can aim for an optimum point of focus. This is especially useful for landscape images, allowing you to control exactly what is in focus between the foreground and background. Price: Free and for Android only.     Slow Shutter Cam slow-shutter-cam-1-7-icnPlatforms: iPhone This app does a specific job of offering slow shutter speeds for the camera on your smartphone. While other apps do give you control of the shutter speed they are usually only up to half a second. Slow Shutter Cam, as it suggests, allows for much slower shutter speeds so you can gain long exposure for creating breath-taking pics. Price: 79p in the Apple store   Mextures imgres-2Platforms: iPhone Add a wonder world of textures, scratches and “light-leaks” to your photos, with a Mexture app. In fact, there are 70 different textures to choose from. Price: 79p Apple store and see Mextures     ColorSplash imagesPlatforms: iPhone Add colour to black and white photos with ease by using this ColorSplash app. Although the app is American (you can tell by the spelling) it is available on the UK Apple store.     Price: 79p in the Apple store. Google Camera   imgres-5Platforms: Android Google Camera captures quick and easy photos and videos, and takes advantage of an Android device's computing power with image enhancing features such as HDR+, Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama and Photo Sphere.   Price: Free at Google Play   Photo Editor by Aviary aviaryPlatforms: iPhone and Android Last but by no means least is an app that is very simple to use. Aviary boasts lots of different filters that you can apply to photo-taking and some basic fixing tools. For example, you can remove blemishes, reduce red-eye and whiten teeth. The app also allows you to adjust colour temperature, saturation, contrast and brightness, and apply sharpening or focus blurring.     Price: Free for iOS or Android Main pic: Colour highlights. Flickr Creative Commons licence.    

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