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Adventure Networks - Promoting Adventure

Adventure Networks is a brand new marketing and booking solution for booking adventures, activities and tours. Offering a huge range of adventures and activities from the best adventure providers, organised by suitability, location, duration and location Adventure Networks makes it easy for customers to find and book adventures online and providers to market and sell their tours. Adventure Networks will launch their first destination site later this year. AdventureScotland.net will bring together the best adventure and activity providers in Scotland in one place and offer live availability and booking for the fantastic activities and tours they offer. Why am I writing about Adventure Networks? I am a director of the company and one of the drivers behind Adventure Networks which aims to revolutionise the adventure industry in the UK. In the past six years of building up Macs Adventure Walking Holidays I have focused on improving the customer experience in finding, navigating and booking our adventures. This has enabled our business to grow exponentially. As I am closely involved  in the outdoor and adventure market in Scotland it has become increasingly clear that our business is the exception rather than the rule. A tiny minority of adventure activity providers in Scotland have online booking availability and activity details are spread across hundreds of individual websites. Putting a trip together involving multiple activities and tours is close to impossible. Adventure Networks aims to address this need, improving visitor experience in Scotland and helping activity providers to market and sell their amazing tours. Several adventure and activity providers have already commited to joining Adventure Networks and Adventure Scotland. We are extremely excited about the potential of Adventure Networks and look forward to welcoming our colleagues in the adventure travel industry in Scotland to this exciting initiative.
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