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Kit review: Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers
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17 April 2014
Kit review: Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers

Wherever you are walking it’s important that you pack the right kit. One item that should have a place in the corner of your rucksack is waterproof overtrousers. You do not need to spend a fortune on waterproof trousers to ensure you stay dry when the rain comes on, but it’s important that they fit well. The better the fit, the more rain will be kept out. So, make sure waterproof trousers have a waistband that is high enough to cover the top of your walking trousers or leggings. This means the wet will stay off your legs and the waistband will fit up above the hem of your waterproof jacket. Also ensure the waterproof trousers are long enough to cover the ankles of walking boots to keep the rain out of your footwear. It goes without saying that the over-trousers should fit over the top of your other trousers otherwise they will be no use at all! Another important feature to look out for is zipped access at the side of the legs so that you can pull the trousers on over walking footwear.

On test: Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers

Although not made of Gore-Tex, the Berghaus hydrophilic waterproof fabric called Aquafoil (or AQ™2), also treated with a DWR Durable Water Repellent, offers great waterproofing. This fabric also looks to be very durable (this is good for me because I tend to wear out the backside of my waterproof walking trousers.) I wore these trousers on a very wet and windy hike and my legs stayed brilliantly dry. I like the cut of the women’s Deluge trousers. They have a little extra room around the bum and hips and a higher waist than the men’s Deluge trousers. Slightly articulated knees allow for freedom of movement when walking uphill. I also chose a longer leg. I am fairly tall and often find that waterproof trousers are not long enough but the Berghaus Deluge are a great length. The three-quarter length side zips are really useful. I needed to put on the trousers mid-walk and it was a simple case of unzipping the sides of the trouser legs and pulling on over my boots. Make sure you securely zip up the base of the legs once they are on to prevent leg movement and the wind undoing the zips. They also have a poppered flap cover to keep the rain out if the zips. Berghaus Women’s Deluge waterproof trousers and Berghaus Men’s Deluge waterproof trousers and are priced £45 at Go Outdoors  


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