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My First Self-Guided Trip with Route Notes
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25 August 2016
My First Self-Guided Trip with Route Notes
I went in late June to the Lake District to do our short break trip. Before I went, I was a bit apprehensive about doing my first walking trip with route notes rather than following a guidebook and way marked trail...
  [caption id="attachment_20441" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Me in Windermere with my route notes![/caption]  

What are route notes?

Route notes are a point to point document that you follow. They provide a grid reference from an OS map, a directional note to the next point of action and the distance you will go between these points.   [caption id="attachment_20442" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Walking in Wansfell Pike.[/caption]  

Differences between route notes and a guidebook/ way marked path?

The main difference between following the route notes and a guidebook are the level of experience, the ease of a guidebook and the room for human error with the route notes. If you are an experienced walker and can read an OS map then you should have no problem with the route notes. If a trail however follows a guidebook or a way marked path, this is easier to navigate and follow, especially after a long day. This follows on that if you are tired then your mind may wander and not keep on track on the points of the route notes and the map coordinates.   [caption id="attachment_20443" align="aligncenter" width="900"] En route from Ambleside to Patterdale.[/caption]  

How easy are route notes to use?

As this was my first walk with routes notes, I was a little bit nervous before I went. Once there, I found the routes notes easy to follow. As they go in to detail on the turning points and they have the number of miles between each point you knew where to go. However you do certainly need to keep your wits about you as when you have walked all day in the heat, your mind may switch off and you could take a wrong turn, which we did! But working backwards to the previous point and with the help of some friendly locals we were back on track. This just goes to show that even though the route notes are detailed, you do still need navigational skills as it can be your own personal interpretation of the information. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Lake District and loved the new experience of walking in the remote landscapes not following a specific trail!   [caption id="attachment_20444" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Enjoying the sunshine at Great Tongue![/caption]   If you have any questions at all on our trips in the Lake District, please do not hesitate to contact us at Macs Adventure on info@macsadventure.com.
Kayleigh Morrison

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Kayleigh Morrison
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