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Nine things you might not know about Croatia
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06 December 2013
Nine things you might not know about Croatia

Croatia is a fabulous destination for a walking or cycling holiday. Here we bring you nine lesser-known facts about this beautiful and welcoming country. Croatia keeps pretty much all its wine for itself. Well, the Croatians are happy to share the high quality reds and whites with visitors but they do not, as a rule, export their wines. This means you will enjoy the unique experience of drinking fantastic wines for the first time. On the Macs Adventure Dubrovnik, Vineyards and Dalmatian Coast trip you will discover the delights of the Croatian wines, Dingač, Postup and Plavac, among others. Croatia boasts a specific geomorphology. Yes, a geomorphology! More than 50% of the country is composed of high-quality limestone, and this is what most of the buildings, pavements, roads etc are made from. The result is a stunning white-stone view wherever you look. [caption id="attachment_9973" align="alignleft" width="300"]Beautiful Dubrovnik at night Beautiful Dubrovnik at night[/caption] One of the most incredible uses of limestone is in Dubrovnik. This historic city – a UNESCO World Heritage site – will take your breath away. The whole city and its fortifications are made of centuries-old, polished limestone. Croatia boasts a geography that’s both vertical and horizontal. Described as a boomerang shape, the country sits within multiple growing zones. It also boasts a long, long coast. All this bountiful geography means there is a fabulous natural larder of grapes, olives, cheeses, herbs, wind-cured meats and seafood. The Dalmatian coast a unique culinary treasure trove. This includes seafood – and some of the world’s best salty sheep cheese and Adriatic-wind-cured prosciutto (called pršut). get-attachment-20Dalmatian dogs. This breed does indeed trace its roots to the south coastal region of Dalmatia. A one-off language. Until the 18th century Croats had their own alphabet called “glagoljica”, which was in everyday use. The island of Šipan is car-free. It is also famous as the summer residence of many noble families from Dubrovnik during the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, visitors can walk a network of hiking paths that pass the ruins of former palaces and churches. A top skier despite no skiing tradition. Randomly, it’s claimed that the most successful skier in the history of winter Olympic games is the Croatian skier Janica Kostelić. This is despite the fact that Croatia is a country without a skiing tradition! Janica won four Olympic gold and two silver medals. Check out this Island Hopping by bike tour in Croatia


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