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To walk or cycle the Camino?
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30 October 2014
To walk or cycle the Camino?
The Camino can be walked or cycled, and though walking is the most popular way to travel, there are many people who cycle.



  • Traditional pilgrim experience.
  • Time to take in the sites and environment.
  • The best way to experience the camaraderie of the Camino.
  • All paths are suitable for walkers.
  • More sociable.
  • Walking the Caminos takes more time.
  • More expensive as walking takes twice as much time as cycling.


  • Takes less time and so can be fitted in a summer holiday.
  • On the Camino Francés it takes 14 days rather than 36 days by foot.
  • Best for the longer southern routes, which have the very long distances between towns.
  • At going at such a high speed, you can miss out on the sociable side of the Camino.
  • Cycling requires more equipment and planning.
  • Some paths and routes are not suitable for cycling and so more time is spent on roads.



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