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Walk of the Week: Mountains & Lakes of the Julian Alps
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30 November 2016
Walk of the Week: Mountains & Lakes of the Julian Alps

Head to Slovenia for an alternative Alpine experience. The Via Alpina through the Mountains & Lakes of the Julian Alps blends all the best elements of any Alpine walking experience (snow capped peaks, flower filled meadows, deep gorges and blue-green glacial lakes) with unique traditions, food, history, and a vibrant folk culture. [caption id="attachment_21560" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Slovenian lake "I Love Slovenia" #MacsMoment photo by Paul Robins[/caption]

In a Nutshell

Where? The Julian Alps range stretches from Italy into Slovenia, making up the southeasterly section of Europe's alpine massif. Begin in the idyllically located village of Jezersko (close to the Austrian border), and walk to the heart of Triglav National Park (Slovenia's only National Park), finishing at Lake Bohinj (less famous perhaps than Lake Bled, but arguably even more beautiful - you can decide for yourself as this route visits both!). [caption id="attachment_21554" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Lake Bohinj Lake Bohinj, the largest permanant lake in Slovenia[/caption] Distance? Walk 77km in total over 6 walking days (7 nights). Grade? Graded moderate, the trail follows footpaths, tracks and mountain paths, with some ascent and descent but nothing too strenuous or technical. Suitable for regular walkers of a good level of fitness.

Why Walk It?

[caption id="attachment_21555" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Walking in Slovenia "Making friends" #MacsMoment by Gabrielle Kennan[/caption] Something unique: Perfect for walkers with a passion for Alpine walking seeking a less predictable challenge. The hospitality: The friendly locals have a passion for the outdoors and for their culture, and pride themselves on their hospitality. Flora & fauna: Lush forests, flower meadows, and wildlife watchers should keep an eye out for ibex, lynx, and chamois. History & Culture: A blend of Medieval castles and historic churches will delight walkers with even the slightest level of interest in history or architecture. There are some fascinating sights to see; St Jacob's church near Preddvor served as a refugee fortress and shelter during the days of the Turkish raids, and the imposing Bled castle atop its rocky ridge is an imposing monument to 1000 years of history. [caption id="attachment_21561" align="aligncenter" width="639"]Church Lake Bled #MacsMoment photo by John Witmer - Curch on Lake Bled Island.[/caption]

Planning & Preparation

Getting to Jezersko is easiest from Ljubljana airport (around 30km away), which is served by many carriers. If booking a walk through Macs Adventure, we can add an optional airport transfer which is also available on return from Bohinj. Alternatively, transport information on getting to and from this trail can be found on the Slovenia Travel Information site. Our tour also includes daily baggage transfer (leaving you to just carry your day pack) and transfers to enable to you stay in comfortable accommodations in charming towns then get back on the trail the following day. The best of all worlds! If this alternative Alpine adventure appeals, do get in touch with a member of our friendly team on info@macsadventure.com – or you can book this Slovenian walking tour on our website. Thanks to John Witmer for the #MacsMoment headline photograph.

Frances McCann

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