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Achievement: Reaching the end, reaching your goal
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24 July 2020
Achievement: Reaching the end, reaching your goal

Long distance trails have a tendency to bring figurative expressions to life! Whether that's putting one foot in front of the other, or each step bringing you closer to your goal.

Not everything in life needs to have an end goal of course, it's better to think of things as small advancements to work towards positive outcomes. But literally reaching "the end" of a challenge allows you to reflect on the sense of completion.

This can help you to draw a line, whether that is under stressful times, uncertainties, stagnation, or just simply a need to reset. Then, you move onward from that point. 

Walking & cycling can be so beneficial towards longer term health and happiness. But in the moment, just enjoy reaching the end!

Camino - Santiago

Reaching Santiago after walking for many days, weeks, or even months on the Camino de Santiago is the ultimate transformative experience. Joining with people from across the globe, to celebrate life, meaning, humanity, and achievement. Collecting your certificate makes it official!

Arriving in Santiago can feel like the start of an entire new micro-adventure, in addition to the culmination of a mammoth journey! Collect your certificate, participate in Pilgrim's Mass, eat, drink, and toast the thousands who have gone before and will travel your footsteps in future.

Santiago de Compostela

Collecting Certificate

West Highland Way

The "Sore Feet" statue at the end of the West Highland Way is a favourite photo stop, and we love to see the photos!

Sore Feet StatueSore Feet Statue WHW

Group at the sore feet statue

Coast to Coast

On England's Coast to Coast walk, it is tradition to collect a pebble from the shore of the Irish sea, and carry it to the North sea across the country with you. If you are biking the C2C Cycle Route, cyclists will dip a wheel in each shore. 

C2C Cyclists at the finish

Camino Finisterre

Literally the "finish of the world". Of course, Europeans now know that there is land across the Atlantic! But that sense of completion, looking out over an unknown horizon, is a special finish to a Camino adventure. The Finisterre path leads from Santiago to the coast, and many who have completed the walk to Santiago return to add the final flourish.

Dan at Finisterre

Maggie - Reaching Finisterre on the Camino

Enjoy the achievement, enjoy the traditions, and plan to complete something unforgettable. If you need any ideas or inspiration, we're here on hello@macsadventure.com as ever.

Frances McCann

Written by

Frances McCann
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