Walking in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

24 Mar , 2014  

P7231494The Swiss Alps are a walking and hiking paradise: fact! Walking in the Swiss Alps is like stepping into a postcard, and the Bernese Oberland region especially offers hiking and walking for a variety of levels of experience, combined with quintessential alpine views and hospitality.

Mountain sports-people flock to Europe’s alpine range each year to push boundaries, break records and conquer challenges…

However, if your ideal level of Alpine exploration is on the lighter side of the pleasure/pain spectrum, fear not!

Our latest set of alpine walking tours are the perfect easier walking holidays for those looking for something a little less high-impact from their alpine adventure. Walk the Bear Trail through the Bernese Oberland in the shadow of the Eiger, Moench & Jungfrau peaks, enjoying delightful walking, fascinating attractions such as the Jungfraujoch ice palace and Reichenbach Falls, beautiful hotels, and sumptuous dinners all included completing the perfect relaxing alpine break. The walking is graded easy-to-moderate, and are plenty of options to rest or explore at your own pace (or use the area’s delightful mountain railway network). There’s even a short break option if you wish to fit the experience into a smaller time-frame, although we’d recommend taking the extra time to fully feel the benefits of that mountain air!

Neil researched the trips in 2013, and has created this short video, or you can view his gallery of photographs here.

View details of the Bear Trail through the Bernese Oberland on our website.

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