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A new BBB BikeBoard cycling app is easy to use and free. Does it do a good job?

Dutch brand BBB Cycling is renowned for their no-nonsense, designed-for-the-task cycling clothes and accessories. The company was launched by two former professional riders Chris Koppert and Frank Moons almost two decades ago and if it works for the founders then it is most likely going to work for more ordinary riders.

I have tested a few of their products, as BBB makes it to retailers in the UK, and I like that they do what they say on the label. In particular I am a fan of their cycling sports sunglasses.  They are very reasonably priced for lightweight wraparound sunglasses and come in a good range of shade colours.

New BBB Signal lights. New BBB Signal lights.

A new edition of their super lightweight and rechargable bike lights, the Signal, have recently been launched and so far with the testing I really like the product. The Signal back and front lights offer a very bright light for a small and lightweight product.

They are easy to attach to bikes and backpacks via a secure silicone strap. I can never be bothered with lights that require a screw-secured mount. Perhaps I am lazy but usually I realise I need bike lights at the last minute and I want to quickly fix them to my bike and go.

BBB Cycling also design well-fitting and attractive cycling jerseys for women, such as the Force.

New BBB Cycling app

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 13.47.37Now the brand has brought out a cool new cycling app. The BBB BikeBoard app comes with the sub-title: “Does nothing unnecessary, yet it does everything important.”

The no-nonsense but useful Bikeboard app does these things:

  • Easy download from itunes and App store.
  • Easily customisable layouts for data screens using a drag and drop system. You can add multiple pages including specific data.
  • A direct link via Bluetooth to your sensors from the Current Workout screen and also information about which sensors are connected so you can choose which you use for your bike ride.
  • GPS tracking with map view.
  • A straight-to-Strava upload. (Strava, for those who don’t know is the place where people can record bike rides on-line and see how they compare against other riders. There are sections of road and trail, as well as hills, where people try to out-race other Strava users.)
  • Keep-awake and auto-pause features.

BBB are also aware that many cycling apps use up a lot of the battery life so they have chosen to create an app that “limits use as much as possible to minimise the strain on a phone battery”.

The Bikeboard app does not:

  • Confuse me with too many features and possibilities.
  • Require lots of reading of instructions.
  • Take ages to set up.
  • Cost any money.

If you are already familiar with an iPhone you will find the app is easy to use and navigate and offers a straightforward way to record your bike rides and save rides for future use/share with cycling friends.

I like to keep things simple and this Bikeboard app works well for me.

Usefully BBB also sell bike phone mounts so you can safely attach your iPhone to your handlebars. Make sure you also wrap the phone in a waterproof case to prevent it being soaked on a rainy ride.

Find more information about the BBB BikeBoard see or search on the itunes store.

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