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How to avoid altitude sickness

26 Mar , 2015  


Altitude sickness usually occurs at heights of more than 2,430m (8,000ft) and can affect anyone, fit or unfit, experienced or not. It is usually avoidable if you take the correct steps. The aim of this article is to give you the best chance of enjoying a trip that includes higher altitudes, such as Peru’s Salkantay Rek […]

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Walk of the Week – Hadrian’s Wall

25 Mar , 2015  


In AD122 Emperor Hadrian was keen to protect the empire that he had long sought to establish.  As part of this he commissioned the building of a wall across northern England to protect it from the barbarians to the north.  1900 years later large chunks of the wall still remain, linking up sites of Roman […]


500 miles of new walking trails for Scotland

25 Mar , 2015  


Scotland is already a popular destination for walkers, many of whom are keen to complete a long-distance trail. Some of the most popular routes are the West Highland Way, the Kintyre Way, the Southern Upland Way and the Great Glen Way. Now there is news that a new project will add even more miles – […]

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West Highland Way Video Diary

23 Mar , 2015   Video


Dan walked the West Highland Way in 2011, a great excuse for a wander along the UK’s best long distance walking route.  Here at Macs Adventure, we try to get out and visit our accommodations and suppliers as regularly as possible, just to make sure that our standards remain high, and as an excuse to […]


Walk the epic North Sea Trail

20 Mar , 2015  

Cleveland Way

An ambitious project to create a 7,000-mile trail of a coastal walking (and cycling) along the shores of the North Sea has now reached the 3,000-mile mark. The vision is an epic long-distance walking trail, the North Sea Trail, from Scotland’s Shetland isles, along the eastern coast of Sutherland, south to East Lothian and onwards […]

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Walk of the Week: Stevenson’s Trail

18 Mar , 2015   Gallery


In September 1878 the young writer Robert Louis Stevenson embarked upon an epic 12 day, 156 mile journey of adventures through rural France. Immortalized in his classic, ”Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes”, today you can take on the route with more certainty and comfort. Just bring that same sense of adventure. In a […]


How to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

17 Mar , 2015  


Today, March 17, is St Patrick’s Day. Let’s start with the who, hows and whys, so you know what it is that is being celebrated! St Patrick is claimed to be the patron saint of Ireland, and the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. It’s thought he died on March 17 sometime in the 5th […]

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7 Things you didn’t know about the National Trails

16 Mar , 2015  


The official National Trails of England & Wales add up to over 2500 miles of walking wonder, introducing hikers to some of Britain’s most fascinating history and most beautiful landscapes, not to mention some of the best country pubs! Amongst the many, many great reasons to walk (or cycle) them all, we’ve collected some fascinating […]

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Get fit for summer with 5X50 challenge

13 Mar , 2015  

5x50 Challenge

With spring in the air many people will be looking to kickstart a summer of improved fitness and more activity (especially if you have booked a walking or cycling holiday) There is no doubt that during the winter it is harder to motivate yourself to go outdoors for a walk, run or bike ride, but […]

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Walk of the Week: Marrakech, Mount Toubkal & The High Atlas

11 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Trekking the High Atlas

At a height of 4167m Mount Toubkal was described in Conde Nast Traveller as ‘having the best rooftop views in North Africa’. Toubkal is a seriously big achievement, but nevertheless a manageable climb (in the summer months in particular the route is a walk rather than a climb, and you won’t need technical experience). Combine […]

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10 great birdwatching apps

11 Mar , 2015  


Most people now have access to a smartphone or tablet on holiday, which means you can make good use of many helpful apps. In this blog we take a look at birdwatching apps. When walking or cycling in the UK or new countries, you will no doubt come across birds that you have never seen […]


Why walk in Turkey?

9 Mar , 2015  

Walking the Lycian Way

Think of Turkey and the first thing that may spring to mind is crowded beach resorts, large hotels and sunshine. Well, think again! The Lycian Way shows off a more untouched part of Turkey which most people are unfamiliar with. Don’t get me wrong – the sunshine and turquoise blue seas are still there but […]

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Trekking in Style and Comfort in Nepal

8 Mar , 2015  


The Himalayas have long been thought of as one of the remotest places to travel to in the world – indeed what else would you expect of the highest mountain range on the planet? And, whilst this perception is still true, increased interest in trekking in this region has prompted a new form of trekking […]



Scottish artist sets off on 1500-mile pilgrimage walk

6 Mar , 2015  


A Scottish artist is planning an arts-focused pilgrimage walk of 1,500 miles from Scotland to Venice. Anthony Schrag, a Glasgow School of Art graduate, will walk for an estimated 18 to 20 days across Britain and France and over the Alps to Italy to reach to what he calls the modern-day “sacred site” of many […]