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Why self guided?

At Macs Adventure, most of our trips are on a self-guided basis, which we believe is the best way to travel for a truly immersive and authentic experience. You may be wondering exactly what that entails? Well let us explain!...

Independent-minded walkers and cyclists will agree that a self-guided walking or cycling tour is the very best way to travel and can't be beaten for value, experience and sense of achievement. Our self-guided tours come with everything you need to make for an adventure-filled and rewarding holiday; accommodation, baggage transfer where required, and an informative pre-departure pack, turn-by-turn route notes, destination guides and detailed maps which follow carefully planned itineraries on the best routes.

You don't have a guide accompanying you, but a self-guided holiday gives you the flexibility to choose your travelling companions, how far you’d like to walk/cycle each day, and of course travel dates to suit you. You can tailor your itinerary, accommodation and activities to exactly match your requirements and interests. Although you will be travelling independently, our local and/or UK teams are there to support you and are only a phone call away in case you need any assistance during your trip.

  • Why Self Guided?

    This Video shows you benefits of taking a self guided trip with Macs Adventure.  We offer the perfect balance of experiencing the freedom of going where you want and taking the day at your own pace, which having all the logistics of your trip tied up, so you can have a hassle-free time. 

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1. Sense of achievement

The feel-good factor of completing a walk or cycle over several days or even weeks is hard to beat. Armed with easy-to-follow maps and route notes, flex your navigation skills and use your (wits!) and wisdom to follow superb tried-and-tested routes. Return home with an immense sense of achievement, and with plenty of tales to impress your friends and family!

2. Unbeatable value (cheaper than a guided trip)

Self-guided walking and cycling tours offer unbeatable value and are often half the price of guided tours. We can keep the price low because you are not paying for a guide/driver and associated costs.

4. Choose your own travel companions

You can choose to travel alone, with your partner or family, your best friend or even fifteen of your favourite colleagues. And although they may not be (quite!) perfect at least you know who you’re travelling with.

5. Go at your own pace

Most of our routes offer a range of itineraries to suit everyone from the leisurely to the energetic, which means that you can walk or cycle as much or as little as you wish. Go at your own pace; stopping as you please to indulge that passion for wine or whisky, ancient ruins or modern architecture.

6. A more authentic experience

By travelling independently you will naturally interact with more people; whether checking directions with a passing friendly face or chatting with the locals over a coffee or cuppa. OK, you might take a wrong turn occasionally, but you will have your own personal special memories (not just seen through the window of a tour bus or by following the crowd). 

7. Stay independent, but with support if/when you need it

Thankfully, things very rarely go awry but when you do need some help one of our local team is only a phone call away and they can help to resolve any issue that may have arisen. So you can relax and focus on enjoying your holiday to the full.

8. Stay in small, high quality accommodations of character

We can book those fantastic small hotels, inns and B&B's that larger groups simply can't. Staying in authentic small properties gives you a real insight into local life; you may find yourself sitting around the kitchen table tasting the family olive oil or discovering the special secret recipe for Scottish shortbread.

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Our team are all specialists in different pieces of the adventure puzzle. Please get in touch if you want to book your next trip, or to talk to us about anything at all.

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  • Mr David Guiney 02/10/2022
    Due to our age, and a fall in one of the hotels that resulted in a badly sprained ankle, my wife and I required lots of personal service from Mac's, including revising the itinerary and then, checking to make sure the hotels had an elevator and if not, getting us a room on the ground floor. I was in contact with the Mac's office multiple times along the way and they always came through, getting us whatever we needed. It really was above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty level service. As far as the booked hotels, Almost all of them were excellent, and even the less-than-excellent ones in some out-of-the-way places were probably the best that was available. The luggage pickup went without a hitch for the entire 20 days. All-in-all I can't praise Mac's enough for their customer service.
  • Anonymous 01/10/2022
    Our trip overall was an experience of a lifetime. We chose the TMB in comfort and ended up in two places that were definitely not comfortable. The others were good. Two were magnificent. Hotel Alpina and Hotel Bouton d’Or. My husband and I are in our mid sixties. We had watched Rick Steve’s special and read about the TMB. We prepared and even had practice hiking in Banff Canada. But nothing prepared us for how truly strenuous this hike was. Our friends who did this hike with us also were taken by surprise. I feel like the preparation and advice given by Macs was lacking. I feel like someone could have spent a little time with us prior and said, hey, this day is hard. You might want a recovery day before this next day which is also hard. The time estimates for the hiking was a joke between all of the couples who hiked the same time we did. It took at least half again to double the amount of time to hike these days. Then to come to a place where you were sharing a shower with 30 other people. Not okay. The luggage transfer worked perfectly. The breakfasts and dinners varied. Some fantastic, some meh. The scenery was incredible. The hardest part was finishing the hike, then still having miles to walk to get to your hotel. Macs knows the hotels they use. I don’t understand how much more detailed descriptions couldn’t be included about the distance in getting to the location can’t be included and tips for alternative means of getting there when you are dead tired. Literally one day said, hopefully the shuttle bus is running. If not, it’s 5.5 miles into town. Not ok. I really debated giving them a 3 for service, but all things considered, we built amazing memories and left with a huge sense of accomplishment. Would we use Macs again, probably not. Or if we did, we would be far more proactive in getting information and asking questions.
  • Anonymous 01/10/2022
    Impeccably organised. All accommodation efficiently booked; luggage all moved accurately and on time. Excellent pre trip correspondence and information materials. No hesitation to recommend them.
  • Anonymous 01/10/2022
    Everything went well, as planned. Baggage was transferred and and arrived on time. Taxi service (by Chris) was friendly and reliable. All accommodation bookings worked well.
  • Mr Ener Cunanan 01/10/2022
    This is the second time Macs put together our self guided hike. All our expectations were met satisfactorily. We'll use Macs services again.
  • Mr Gary Marsden 01/10/2022
    Outstanding accommodation choices, simple to use navigation system, punctual bag transfers and great walks. Perfect for stress free holiday.
  • Anonymous 01/10/2022
    The lack of knowledge about current (and even YEARS old news) of the state of the trail was absolutely unforgivable. Our first and last days were completely messed up by something that should have been known and fixed on the directions and the app.
  • Mr Patrick Quann 30/09/2022
    Hiked West Highland Way in Scotland and had an amazing time. All the accommodations were delightful. The Macs Adventure team was always very helpful answering any questions we had and did a great job getting our gear from one location to the next. I would not hesitate to plan another trip through them, or to recommend them to others. Great trip!
  • Anonymous 30/09/2022
    Magical scenery on the walks and lovely accommodation. The trip is well conceived and we found the distances and difficulty about right. On paper some of the days don’t look that long but the terrain and profile mean that in fact you get a good walk each day without it being a total bootcamp. There’s time to have a leisurely breakfast before you start and enjoy a bit of downtime at the end. Route notes were good and the app makes navigation straightforward. Well, we were confused once or twice but it’s all part of the fun! Macs Adventure did us proud and I highly recommend this tour.
  • Anonymous 30/09/2022
    Guide books very helpful, timely support from office staff in the planning stages, fine choices of accommodation
  • Mr John Gilpin 29/09/2022
    Macs Adventures provides excellent service from planning a trip to accommodation provided to navigational information on the route
  • Mr Greg Girouard 29/09/2022
    We are disappointed in the poor communication and service of Macs Adventure. Ferry tickets were not purchased for our trip, nor did we have transportation to our accommodations. We paid for this with our travel package. . We did not have a room on the fourth night on our trip. Mac Adventures made a booking error. After several phone calls and no response we booked a room ourselves. Please take in consideration that our party had Covid and we were very sick. Mac emergency service did not consider our lodging an emergency. I should have just planned the trip myself. Consider another vendor of you are looking for a bike trip.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2022
    Excellent trip. Had the time of our lives. All was well planned except for one afternoon, but that was ok also. Great hiking, accomodations, food. The Scots are great! Will definitely go back.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2022
    Excellent service , both attentive and professional.
  • Cat McVey 29/09/2022
    A friend and I did three self guided tours with Mac’s Adventure in September and had a wonderful time. Accommodations were wonderful, guide information great for route-finding on West Highland Way, and Short Track Hadrian’s Wall. We also did a three day St. Patrick’s Way and were disappointed that the entire first day walking was on a road.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2022
    All worked fine and lovely routes eg coastal paths and vineyards and app worked fine, except can be hard in ancient villages with so many ways to go at junctions and pdf maps could be more detailed.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2022
    Well organized, prompt replies, great accommodation, beautiful walking
  • Anonymous 29/09/2022
    Everything worked well and we were regularly updated prior to our trip to tell us what preparations we needed to make.
  • Mr Kenny Brogan 29/09/2022
    The bikes were excellent, the hosts in Portugal were lovely and very helpful. The hotels and choice of locations were not great. To spend 2 days in Ovar in a very poor hotel was extremely disappointing. We had requested gpx download for the maps but this wasn't sent to us.
  • Mr Carl Bennett 29/09/2022
    A great company to deal with. Their communication is excellent, the trip was well-organised and everything went as planned and promised. Prices were good too!


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