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Why self guided?

At Macs Adventure, most of our trips are on a self-guided basis, which we believe is the best way to travel for a truly immersive and authentic experience. You may be wondering exactly what that entails? Well let us explain!...

Independent-minded walkers and cyclists will agree that a self-guided walking or cycling tour is the very best way to travel and can't be beaten for value, experience and sense of achievement. Our self-guided tours come with everything you need to make for an adventure-filled and rewarding holiday; accommodation, baggage transfer where required, and an informative pre-departure pack, turn-by-turn route notes, destination guides and detailed maps which follow carefully planned itineraries on the best routes.

You don't have a guide accompanying you, but a self-guided holiday gives you the flexibility to choose your travelling companions, how far you’d like to walk/cycle each day, and of course travel dates to suit you. You can tailor your itinerary, accommodation and activities to exactly match your requirements and interests. Although you will be travelling independently, our local and/or UK teams are there to support you and are only a phone call away in case you need any assistance during your trip.

  • Why Self Guided?

    This Video shows you benefits of taking a self guided trip with Macs Adventure.  We offer the perfect balance of experiencing the freedom of going where you want and taking the day at your own pace, which having all the logistics of your trip tied up, so you can have a hassle-free time. 

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1. Sense of achievement

The feel-good factor of completing a walk or cycle over several days or even weeks is hard to beat. Armed with easy-to-follow maps and route notes, flex your navigation skills and use your (wits!) and wisdom to follow superb tried-and-tested routes. Return home with an immense sense of achievement, and with plenty of tales to impress your friends and family!

2. Unbeatable value (cheaper than a guided trip)

Self-guided walking and cycling tours offer unbeatable value and are often half the price of guided tours. We can keep the price low because you are not paying for a guide/driver and associated costs.

4. Choose your own travel companions

You can choose to travel alone, with your partner or family, your best friend or even fifteen of your favourite colleagues. And although they may not be (quite!) perfect at least you know who you’re travelling with.

5. Go at your own pace

Most of our routes offer a range of itineraries to suit everyone from the leisurely to the energetic, which means that you can walk or cycle as much or as little as you wish. Go at your own pace; stopping as you please to indulge that passion for wine or whisky, ancient ruins or modern architecture.

6. A more authentic experience

By travelling independently you will naturally interact with more people; whether checking directions with a passing friendly face or chatting with the locals over a coffee or cuppa. OK, you might take a wrong turn occasionally, but you will have your own personal special memories (not just seen through the window of a tour bus or by following the crowd). 

7. Stay independent, but with support if/when you need it

Thankfully, things very rarely go awry but when you do need some help one of our local team is only a phone call away and they can help to resolve any issue that may have arisen. So you can relax and focus on enjoying your holiday to the full.

8. Stay in small, high quality accommodations of character

We can book those fantastic small hotels, inns and B&B's that larger groups simply can't. Staying in authentic small properties gives you a real insight into local life; you may find yourself sitting around the kitchen table tasting the family olive oil or discovering the special secret recipe for Scottish shortbread.

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Our team are all specialists in different pieces of the adventure puzzle. Please get in touch if you want to book your next trip, or to talk to us about anything at all.

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  • Mrs Katharine Caldwell 18/05/2022
    It was helpful to have a contact in the US prior to our departure. The hotels were fantastic, as was the on the ground team through Portuguese Adventure travel. However, it was extremely difficult to try to manage both the Macs Adventure app, the Portuguese app, plus the booklet information, and other on- line materials. Our group suggests that the materials should be coordinated in one location. Also, having to look at one’s phone all day for routes took away from the joy of simply walking. It would be good to have a printed map option along with a narrative description of the walk.
  • Anonymous 17/05/2022
    Hi there, Have traveled with two other times with Macs before and always had a good experience. This time email responses were very slow, requests for additional services or information required two or three additional emails reminders to get a response. We had an issue with an aggressively rude lodging host, who had messed up our booking, and when we requested a room that matched our reservation (two beds) he went so far as to suggest that we sleep outside. When emailed Macs afterward got a kind of . . .meh . . .whatever reply. Sounds like your staff is over stretched. Tee Travel did a great job of getting our bags to where they needed to be every day on time.The hotels chosen were generally good, and in good locations. Some hotels were extraordinary. However, one day the hotel booked was pretty far out of town, at a uninspired golf resort (???). An option closer to town or in town would have been kinder to foot weary hiking guests who had already put in many km's by the time we arrived to the hotel. After a long day with sore feet, wasn't up for another walking another km into town get dinner. Generally a good experience would book with Mac's again.
  • Ms Christine Johnson 15/05/2022
    Accommodation good - bag transfer good. Some of information provided is no longer current - eg. bag collection at premier inn is now 8 am not 9 am. Taxi fare from airport to Milngavie now 30 pounds plus - not 18 pounds! Post Covid, with people eager to travel - these details - meal availability and packed lunches; bag transfer; alternative transport - buses; taxis; availability of public toilets,etc. needs to be reviewed urgently. The trail itself needs maintenance and upgrade - better signage; and wooden steps on bridges rotted out and broken. Exposure to the elements and high traffic on this trail. Most of us fell more than once! Distances were consistent - though this trail is not for the feint hearted - and customers need to be aware that the terrain can be very challenging in parts! Weather was superb and scenery spectacular!
  • Mrs Hilary Lowe 14/05/2022
    Excellent service from start to finish apart from our last accommodation which had changed from what we and our luggage handlers were instructed which caused a few anxious moments at the end. Once we had received a response to our telephone message and knew where we were staying, all was fine. Wouldn’t put me off booking with Mac again.
  • Mrs Natalie Towle 14/05/2022
    Excellent communication before and during the trip. We cancelled a transfer then reinstated it, and also altered another one. Always quick to answer the phone and get back to us speedily with new plans. Slightly out of date with the pick up point in cold Ashton. The café was called Cold Ashton Café, now has reopened as Ell's Café but opening hours are only until 3pm. It was fine weather when we were there, but would have been tricky waiting for a taxi in the rain if after 3pm. But I don't think there is an alternative venue for pick up in Cold Ashton. Even the taxi didn't know the new name. It's a small point! Generally the service, from our initial enquiry, through booking, planning, and during our trip, was excellent! In general, we prefer small B&Bs to larger hotels. They are more personal and you get to meet other walkers. I know we booked late so guess the choice wasn't so wide.
  • Anonymous 14/05/2022
    Our experience of Mac was riddled with issues sadly on the lead up from booking to travelling eg billing overcharged , lack of confirmation regards hotel in Compostella, failed promises of returned calls and so on and worst of all poor planning which left us with a daily walk twice the maximum distance we requested. However when we did arrive at Sarria the Camino was a great experience, accommodation was acceptable, bags were moved as expected and wine awaited us in the room on first night by way of an apology from Mac. I would hesitate to use Mac again simply because they market themselves as expert self guided tour operators but in our experience their lack of knowledge about distances and geography was poor .
  • Dr. Melissa White 13/05/2022
    Well organised route, hotels, luggage service. Suggest more en route contact and follow up.
  • Anonymous 12/05/2022
    We just got back from hiking the Stevenson Trail, a fantastic adventure! Thanks to Cara and her colleagues for helping us plan the trip, coordinate all the accommodations and baggage transfers, and provide some mid-trip help. Everything went as planned. We made our decision and paid our deposit kind of late in the game, but Cara and staff made it happen. It is a challenging and fun hike through gorgeous country, where you will meet friendly, fun hikers and hosts. The Stevenson Trail has some difficult parts, but entirely doable, even for those of us over 65. We loved it! A couple words of caution: we didn't encounter much English which was ok for us, but some people might want to brush up on their school French. Also, several accommodations did not have bathrooms and/or toilets in the room. That was ok for us, but some folks might not want to walk down the hall to use the to toilet. This could have been a function of our late booking of the trip, but did not detract from the trip a bit. All in all, a great trip. We will use Macs Adventures again. Thanks!
  • Anonymous 12/05/2022
    With the Camino in style we could focus on the walk and know we had a warm bed and good food waiting for us at the end of each day’s hike. Be sure to look at the mileage each day beforehand- our trail was a little aggressive for us although we made it.
  • Mr Brian Tedders 11/05/2022
    Good app. Efficient luggage transfer. Mostly good accommodation. Disappointed having to waste a day in montefalco which was almost deserted of tourists. Half the shops closed. The main square was completely deserted at 9 pm. Unable to buy a cup of coffee in MontefalcoThe 1st 2nd and last walks were the best. The 3rd and 4th walks were through pleasant rural farm land, but were too easy . The meal in Poreta was the best Italian meal i ever had. The accommodation and breakfasts provided in all locations bar montefalco were excellent
  • Mr Alan Toft 11/05/2022
    Classic Provence was a great trip - all the accommodations were superb and the countryside (and the wine!!) awesome!! I did feel that I had to ask the same question several times to get a clear answer - but all’s well that ends well! We had a great time!! 😀
  • Anonymous 10/05/2022
    Everything was great except they missed one of my requests for transfer
  • Mrs Marilyn Harris 10/05/2022
    We thought the last section of the Via Francigena into Rome was wonderful. A huge different adventure every day. The first few days were very difficult and longer than was described and also the instructions were not that great especially at the start of the walk every day to find the starting point. It would also be good to let you know that on some of the walks there are no food or water stops for many kilometres. Having said that we found the bed and breakfasts/hotels all great and different. We met lots of interesting people and the towns we stopped in were amazing. Every day was different. Transferring of the luggage was great and everything went to plan. Thanks to all the team at Macs Travel. This is our 4th walking tour and we will be back again next year.
  • Anonymous 10/05/2022
    Would definitely use them again. Was my second time with them in Scotland - they chose for me great places to stay in with great hostesses. Reliable service and good recommendations for food on the way.
  • Mrs Anne-marie Andre 10/05/2022
    Professional,reliable,flexible , friendly .it was the first time I used their services and I have been extremely happy . I will definitely use them aga8n and recommend them to friends.everything went exactly as planned. No surprises.so well done Team.
  • Mr Westol Slater 10/05/2022
    The hotels we were provided, in particular, the Seal Bay Inn, we’re all very nice. We had assistance for anything we needed. marie was always there for questions or directions
  • Mr Brent Winant 10/05/2022
    This was my first time using a service like Macs Adventure. It went very well. Had a question about a transportation issue while on the trail. Called Macs and they made the fix happen.
  • Anonymous 10/05/2022
    Great, honest and easily accessible whenever needed, both on phone and via email.
  • Ms Jan Sheridan 09/05/2022
    The lodging selections were amazing.
  • Mr Einar M?rk 09/05/2022
    God organisering av turen. Kanskje noe i overkant med 3 og 4 stjernes hoteller. Fine turer i variert natur. 26 km var litt langt selv for en godt trent 73-åring.


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