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Holiday Styles

Each of our holidays has been labelled with both an activity, and a trip style, to help you understand how the trip works, and what to expect.

Walking & cycling holidays come in many shapes and sizes! And in addition to things like the activity grade (how easy or challenging the trip will be), and the comfort level (what to expect from your accommodation), the actual format of the trip itself can vary a lot.

Trip Style

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Self Guided

Self guided active holidays are at the heart of the Macs Adventure ethos as we believe the best way to explore the world is on your own terms. We deal with the logistics, book your accommodation, transport your bags and map your route on our user-friendly smartphone app. All you need to do is walk or cycle to the next stop and have a great time. There is no guide, no set time to get up and going, no group to keep up with, just you and everything you need to make your trip a rip-roaring success. Try the West Highland Way, the Alpine joy of the Tour du Mont Blanc or pilgrimages across Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

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Private Guided

Our aim is to make every trip as personal and immersive as possible. We want you to get the absolute most out of your experience and on some of our trips we offer personal, private guides so that you have the experience of completing the journey with a trusted leader at your side. Sometimes you need a guide because the route is too wild to travel alone. Alternatively, there are some areas where a local guide can show you the hidden gems and give depth and context to your experience. We can accommodate a variety of group sizes into our privately guided trips. Whether you want to get a group together to get up to Everest Base Camp, or you want to go solo to reach Annapurna Sanctuary, we will escort your adventure in style.

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Small Group Guided

There are some parts of the world where travel as part of a small guided group is the only way to go. For example, if you want to walk the Inca Trail, local regulations stipulate that you hike with a qualified and registered guided. Wherever we offer small-group tours, we maintain the Macs ethos of flexible travel by ensuring we choose the best available local guides and we try to offer as much independence as possible. The porters and guides who transport your packs along the Inca Trail are invaluable, and your guide on the Laugevegur Trail in Iceland will keep you safe and share their knowledge of the wilderness with you.

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Independent Adventure

Choose the best of both worlds! Our Independent Adventures offer a mix of self guided freedom and the added insight of a guide. You will still enjoy flexibility and independence, but some activities and visits will be guided to enhance your experience and enable you to visit remote areas or take part in fun but technical activities. For instance, on our Cotopaxi Trails tour in Ecuador, you are free to walk as you wish, at your own pace, however, on the first day, we will take you on a guided tour of Quito, to introduce you to this amazing city. On the last day, we will arrange for a guide to take you up to the snowline on Cotopaxi, the highest mountain in Ecuador and an active volcano!


Drive & Hike

Enjoy the best of a large region by car and on foot. Day hikes in the best places. Itinerary usually inn to inn, with mapping provided. No bag transfer. Car hire offered as an option or included.

Rail & Hike

Mix the joys of travel by train with the best walks accessible from the train-line. Travel inn-to-inn by train and enjoy hikes from the each stopping point. Allows you to see more of the destination as you are travelling overland but also on foot. A very sustainable way of travelling. Train fare included - no baggage transfers as you can take bags on the train.

Pilgrim Trail

Follow a traditional pilgrimage trail, usually inn-to-inn in classic Macs style with bag transfer. For many a spiritual experience rather than an active adventure as the aim. History and camaraderie of other pilgrims is often a highlight. The most famous of all pilgrim trails is the Camino de Santiago.

Inn to Inn

The classic Macs Adventure style - follow a route/trail by walking or cycling from place to place each day, overnighting in characterful accommodation, which is usually a small hotel or guest-house style of lodging (see more about our accommodation comfort levels here). Your bags will be transported each day (unless otherwise specified), leaving you to enjoy the day's activity at leisure.

Hut to Hut

Usually in remote mountain areas - walk from hut to hut (often known as "refuges"). Baggage transfer is sometimes included but this is often not available on some days, due to the remote locations. Your itinerary will always specify this. Facilities are often shared, and rooms may be dormitory style. Generally these are harder walks, and suited for experienced hikers in stunning alpine terrain.

Multi Centre

Classic Macs Adventure style, very similar to Inn to Inn, but lingering in the best places - staying 2 or more nights in each accommodation to enable more exploration. More relaxed style of walking or cycling holiday as you could opt to skip a day's activity, but this format still offers a sense of journey.

Single Centre

Stay in one comfortable lodging - no re-packing needed! A relaxed option which will include day walks or bike rides from your hotel, so you can change the order of the daily activities, or spend the occasional day resting in the hotel or exploring the town. Great for less experienced adventurers, or those who want relaxation or flexibility.

Camp to Camp

Move daily from place to place, but with a cook and camp crew who will set up tents each night and provide food and camaraderie. Usually guided.

Bike & Boat

Stay on a comfortable river barge, your floating hotel for the duration of the trip, which means no packing and unpacking as your cabin follows you along the cycle route! Cycle on a mix of dedicated cycle paths and low to medium traffic roads. Often (but not always) these holidays offer a guide.

Road Biking

Routes designed to be ridden on road bikes - all on tarmac, the majority or all of the cycling is on roads used by vehicles, longer distances with more ascent and descent.

Mountain Biking

Routes designed to be ridden on mountain bikes - Often on off-road tracks and trails, some of the riding may be technical so experience and skills are required, occasional on-road sections.


Leisure cycling routes where we offer the option to hire an e-bike - Enjoy an extra power boost from the battery to assist on hills and if you are feeling tired!


Multiple activities will be available to enjoy! This might include kayaking, horse riding, or sailing.


Search for Your Ideal Adventure!

Use our holiday search to find your route or destination of choice and use the filters to narrow down your search to the ideal activity and trip style.

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  • Mr John Baldwin 21/09/2020
    Good daily walking challenges - some days quite demanding but nothing too excessive. The accommodation booked was all excellent and some really excellent particularly when you remember the additional difficulties Covid 19 has introduced.
  • Anonymous 21/09/2020
    My booking was last minute and there were a few issues with dealing with my request that there be no taxi transfers. I was also drawn to the itinerary by the advertised stay in the Kingshouse Hotel but was told when booking that this depended on availability. I had to pay the full amount before accommodation was confirmed even though I stated I would not be interested in the itinerary if there were transfers (too many bad experiences) and if I couldn’t stay at the Kingshouse. This took considerable time to resolve and exasperation as it seemed to me that too many Mac people were in and out of the booking. This seems to be the case with previous bookings and recent enquiries. I lost interest in my most recent enquiry.
  • Anonymous 21/09/2020
    They responded quickly to my questions, but it often took several attempts to elicit the desired response
  • Anonymous 21/09/2020
    We definitely got the worst room in two of our hotels/B&Bs, we assume because Macs Adventures only generally pay for the cheapest rooms. One taxi didn't show up and we had to ring to arrange. The Itinerary could easily be improved - eventually you realise they try to write it to cover a number of similar trips but it means some of it is not relevant to our trip, which isn't always immediately obvious and so confusing. It took quite some time before our accommodation and transfers were confirmed and I had to chase this on a number of occasions.
  • Mrs Erica Lee 21/09/2020
    Arrangements all ok. Accommodation welcoming and comfortable apart from the Garrison hotel in Fort William-grumpy unhelpful staff, dreadful breakfast, broken shower. Accuracy of the walk and general information could be better-some days were 2 miles longer than we expected. I think the walk should be a day longer, accommodation allowing.
  • Ms Sally Roberts 21/09/2020
    Generally good but little information supplied
  • Anonymous 21/09/2020
    We have used Macs a few times and they are always helpful. All arrangements went to plan but unfortunately there weren't any trip notes for Hadrian's Cycleway. Finding the way was not a problem because the route is well signed but a few notes to highlight points of interest were needed. We phoned to ask whether anything was available and were directed to the notes for the walk. This was better than nothing but the walk does not follow the same route and is done in the opposite direction.
  • Anonymous 21/09/2020
    Organised a holiday for us last minute. Did a great job and then were very flexible when we changed the schedule to do other walks
  • Mr Jon McFarlane 20/09/2020
    Well organised trip, really enjoyed it
  • Mrs Claire Wilcox 20/09/2020
    On this occasion & unusually for Mac, the booking lines of communication were extremely poor (‘radio silence For days’). This meant that the holiday itself was compromised by the late decisions. Another group with the same itinerary experienced the same issue. Issue of a hard copy itinerary is essential & should have been arranged. I’ve assumed that the problems were a consequence of the lockdown situation, furloughed staff etc
  • Stephanie 20/09/2020
    They were very helpful, recommending different options to suit me. Also no problem when I then changes the date and added two friends to the trip! All the accommodation and bag transfers worked seamlessly and the App was brilliant with the downloaded maps just to check location. I will definitely use them again. This is not a luxury tour company, but they do sort everything out for walkers.
  • Anonymous 19/09/2020
    Have used Macs adventures many times. Always impressed with their service, friendly staff and great accommodation. Thanks x
  • Anonymous 19/09/2020
    Very good. Everything went as planned.
  • Mr David Clark 18/09/2020
    Excellent planning despite having to cancel and reschedule our original holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions. Baggage transfers and hotel/b&b arrangements were excellent. The Thames Path book which was provided gave us detailed guidence and was especially useful when coming across stretches of the walk where the official signage was missing or difficult to find. We would certainly use Macs Adventures again, and we're looking to book the next part of the walk when the Covid-19 situation is more settled. A big thank you to Macs Adventures
  • Ms Jane Allder 18/09/2020
    1 Manage expectations- the booking process was very poor. I was told they would confirm within 5 days. Took about 1 month 2 One hotel in particular was very poor - dirty room, no WiFi, dated and frayed carpets and fittings. We actually booked into an alternative. 3 Whilst on the actual holiday Macs emailed me with a change- but instead of telling me what the change was they referred me to my account which does not render properly on my Android phone. I don’t take my laptop on holiday. So I won’t be using Macs again.
  • Mr Christopher Thirkettle 18/09/2020
    Friendly and helpful service from the team, at a time of immense difficulty in arranging trips due to Covid situation. An excellent walk and mostly good accommodation booked on our behalf (a party of three wanting three single rooms. However, overbooking at one venue (the Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm) meant that while already en route we had a scramble to find alternative acceptable accommodation - which in the end, with Macs assistance, we did. We suspect the overbooking was the hotel’s fault - and indeed were not impressed with the Border Hotel’s accommodation and management arrangements generally. The only other comment we would make is that the Covid hygiene protocols and practice varied hugely between accommodations - from the clinical to the virtually non-existent - which is rather worrying for the future. Otherwise, we much enjoyed the walk......
  • Anonymous 17/09/2020
    We have used Macs Adventure for a number of walking holidays over the years and have always found the service excellent. The accommodation they select is always of a high standard and everything is arranged so the holiday runs smoothly. When things go wrong, as they can do, Macs sort everything out for you so you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Anonymous 16/09/2020
    Always polite on the phone especially Lauren from the USA and Sally from Cheshire. However, due to the current situation re COVID, there were several problems relating to our trip which Macs Adventures probably didn't realise soon enough. The Windermere ferries do not take bikes at present and neither does the steam train. We even spoke to the train driver to find a way on! The ride back was probably better than taking the train anyway. Luckily we had our own bikes and car but this particular holiday would not have worked with anyone having to hire bikes. The routes were enjoyable and not too difficult. Accommodation at the Fir Trees B&B was very comfortable with a lock-up garage for the bikes. We had to ask for the OS map to be sent to us more than once which was a shame as we wanted to look closely at the routes before setting off to Windermere. Sally came to our rescue and arranged for the map to be sent out asap.
  • Mr Ken Worthing 16/09/2020
    They responded well to the COVID cancellation and arranged a rebooking. Service could be improved by providing hard copy route maps and guidance rather than relying on the web site
  • Anonymous 15/09/2020
    They were always very responsive kind and helpful and they choose really lovely bed and breakfast


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