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Grand Tours

Explore Scotland on a grand scale, embarking on an adventure which will lead you from the vibrant capital city of Edinburgh, through the rugged Highlands, on to the wild coastline of the far north on the North Coast 500, and down the enchantingly beautiful west coast. 

Designed for those who have perhaps never had the chance to explore Scotland, or just for anyone looking for a really in-depth experience of this "bonnie" country, on these tours you can expect to uncover everything from centuries-old Highland castles, to heather-cloaked countryside dotted with famous whisky distilleries, to magical islands such as the Isle of Skye.

Embark on our 12 day Grand Tour if you have a bit more time, or if you want more of a whistle-stop tour then why not try our Highlights of Scotland tour, which simply misses out the slightly harder to reach far north of the country! Our carefully planned and recommended routes will ensure you don't miss a thing, and you can look forward to enjoying fine Scottish hospitality whilst planning the next day's adventure with our information pack brimming with local expertise.


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