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Travel to and/or from your Macs Adventure holiday with Byway

We’ve partnered with Byway – a B Corp Certified specialist tour operator – to give our travellers the option to reach their adventures flight-free.

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Byway’s mission is to showcase the benefits of choosing flight-free in an effort to move the world towards choosing sustainable travel. Their aim is to make it easy for travellers to reach their destinations in a way that’s just as enjoyable as the destination. The adventure doesn’t just start when you get there! 

When a customer books with us, they can choose for Byway to take the reins and get them to their destination flight-free.They create flight-free travel itineraries with overnight stops, so you can make the journey part of the holiday!

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Why choose flight-free? 

By removing the need to jump on a jet, our trips are even more planet-friendly, plus you’re skipping the airport madness. You’ll often find the journey to your destination can be just as enjoyable as the adventure itself. So, settle down in your seat and watch the world go by...that’s another logistic taken care of.

Travel Europe by Train 

Most places in Europe are accessible by train. And why wouldn’t you? All aboard a train and chug-chug-chug your way across several countries where exquisite scenery rolls by. With front row seats to rolling Scottish hills, chequered French countryside, or snow-tipped peaks in Austria, trains are a great way to see more.  

Trains are also one of the most sustainable forms of transport. For example, to travel from London to Florence by train, it would produce just 3kg of carbon – which is the equivalent of eating 1 cheeseburger. If you took the same journey by air, that would produce approx. 228kg. That’s enough energy to power the lights of the Eiffel Tower for 3 days! 

Travel by Boat or Ferry 

It’s not often you get to see views from this perspective. And while most destinations can be reached by train, there are some that require a stint across the waters to get there. Travelling by boat immerses you in refreshing salty sea air with the calming, rhythmic sound of the waves. Float over the Irish Sea to the Emerald Isle or hop on a ferry to the Channel Islands. It’s a peaceful way to start and end your adventure. 

Example Flight-Free Journeys


We've included some great examples of how you could travel from London to your Macs Adventure to help you imagine the experience, but Byway are happy to customise trips from your origin town or city by train, boat or ferry to the start point of most Macs itineraries:

Camino Portuguese Coastal Way

Walk the Camino Portugese Coastal Way with Macs to experience a meaningful journey through rural Portugal. With Byway, you can get to your Macs Adventure with overnight stays in San Sebastian and Vigo, travelling from England to Porto on this rail adventure. Byway can offer a superb return journey from Santiago with an additional night to return to those foodie spots you missed on your first visit to San Sebastian!

Walk the Great Glen Way

Journey to your Highland adventure, Macs' Great Glen Way, on a rail trip from London with a night in the bustling city of Glasgow included.

Danube Cycle Path: Passau to Vienna

Experience Europe the slow travel way, with an overnight in Munich on this Byway trip. When you reach Passau you'll continue the adventure by bike all the way to Vienna on Macs' Danube Cycle Path trip. Your return ByWay rail trip could include a night in Zurich. So many fascinating European cities in one holiday!

Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc

This incredible hike is one of the most popular self-guided Alpine adventures Macs Adventure offers. Get to Geneva from London with an overnight stop in Annecy to explore its historic charm, and return the same way.

Most Popular Holidays


At Macs, we don’t do tour buses, groups, or guides. Instead, we give you the freedom and confidence to have your own self-guided walking or cycling adventure.

This is active travel led by you.

Travel On Your Terms

You choose your departure date and who you travel with, we do the rest.

The People Behind Your Journey

We sort accommodation and luggage transfers and provide your route in an easy-to-use app.

Here When You Need Us

We give you everything you need to travel independently but we're here 24/7 if you need us.

Achieve Something

Getting from A to B under your own steam is intensely rewarding. With Macs, you'll see the world, and yourself, differently.

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