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Online Cycling Holiday Guide

Online Cycling Holiday Guide

Here at Macs Adventure, we believe that there is no better way to immerse yourself in a country or region, than by exploring it on a bike. (well, apart from doing it on foot!) Cycling holidays allow you to cover a much larger area, cycle through that little hill-top village, coast down that 10k hill or hit the brakes and enjoy the view. 

It is important for us to make sure you have all the information you need when thinking about taking a cycling holiday. Everything you need to know should be on this page, but if you find you are still looking for info, you can contact our Destination Specialists at [email protected] or you can download our free Cycling Holiday Guide to read offline. 

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5 Top Tips for a Cycling Holiday

The right pace: Cycling, at somewhere between 10mph and 20mph, is the perfect speed for taking in your surroundings. There is a sense of really getting somewhere but still being able to properly immerse yourself in the views, landscape and culture.

Enjoy the freedom: When travelling by bike, if you like the look of a castle in the distance or spot a signpost to a vineyard, restaurant, museum, or other attraction you can follow your desires. With comprehensive maps and Macs App, you can detour from your trip any time you like and easily find your way back. A cycling holiday is one of the most freeing ways to see a new country.

Balance the Fitness: How many holidays see you returning home fitter and stronger than when you left? Cycling holidays will do exactly this. It also lessens the guilt if you can't resist that Italian Gelato, or another couple of pintxos to go with that tasty Rioja.

Meet new people: Locals and visitors alike often like to find out where cyclists are touring. If you go by bike you will be asked where you have come from, where you are going and what distance you have covered. It’s all part of the experience of touring by bicycle.

Know the basics: While it is not necessary to know how to true a wheel or remove a crank, it is a really good idea to learn the basics. With a full week on the bike, you will likely get at least one puncture, so it is well worth knowing how to repair one. Some basic knowledge about the brakes and gears may also come in handy. 

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Cycling Holiday FAQs

Do I have to bring my own bike? No is the short answer. We can provide hire of high-quality bikes on every trip we offer, so there is no need to bring your own bike. However, should you prefer you are more than welcome to bring your own bike. If you want to know how to pack it for travelling on a plane, you can take a look at our blog - How to Pack Your Bike for Flying.

What type of bikes will be available on my trip? This varies from trip to trip, so it is best to mention this as soon as you begin the booking process. On some trips, we can offer several types of bike, Road, Hybrid, MTB or E-Bikes. However, some local suppliers have less stock and while the quality of the bikes will be good, the range may not be as wide. You can also check the Trip Info tab on any of our tour pages, which will give you some info on the type of bikes for each trip. 

Can I bring my own pedals/saddle? Generally, if you can fit them yourselves, then the answer is yes. If you let us know in advance that you wish to bring your own parts, we can contact our local partners and check if they are able to help with the fittings. 

Is there still availability on bike and boat trips? Due to the popularity of our bike and boat trips, they sell out very quickly. We keep live availability on our website and when the rooms are gone, the only alternative is a different date or boat. Our friendly cycling specialists are always happy to recommend alternatives and chat through any of our tours. 

Can we rent a tandem? Unfortunately not. Tandems are not widely available on any of the routes that we sell. You are more than welcome to bring one along if you have your own, it's not that we don't like tandems. It is just a type of bike that is not in particular demand, so our local partners do not hold any stock.  

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