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Solo Adventure Holidays

Travelling solo on an active adventure holiday is the ultimate freedom. There are no compromises, you can indulge in some "me" time, and probably find that (if you want to) you'll actually meet more interesting people that you would otherwise!

Many trips will incur a solo supplement due to higher costs for private rooms or transfers, but it is worth it for the privacy and peace! Not all of our tours are available to solo travellers, but this collection contains some great ideas for solos, from the Camino de Santiago, where you are guaranteed to meet interesting people from all around the globe, to a short break in the Alps, where you can indulge in some calm and clean air. 

  • Anonymous 04/06/2023
    We love traveling with Macs Adventures! We are too busy working to plan our own trips and Macs makes it easy to travel independently. The Coast-to-Coast trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways... the scenery, the accomodations, the food... we loved every minute of the hike and the adventure. Based on a recommendation from Macs, we did the 17 day hike. We appreciated the shorter days because they allowed us to enjoy the scenery, stop for tea, and do laundry. There were several places that we wish we had added extra days... Richmond in particular. We could have easily stayed 2-3 nights at the Willance House in Richmond. The town has delicious food, history and so much to see. We would have also loved to have stayed longer at The Old Croft House in Kirby Stephen, the Butt House in Keld, and even the Old Water View in Patterdale. If I were to offer advice to anyone considering this trip... do it! We loved the hike and the experience. Definitely book an extra 1-2 nights in Richmond, and maybe elsewhere in Keld, Patterdale or Grasmere, if you have the time. Finally, we stayed in Glaisdale the night before the final walk into Robin Hood's Bay. I wish we had stayed in Egton Bridge or Grosmont. The 19-20 mile walk to Robin Hood's Bay was long when it didn't need to be. Egton Bridge and Grosmont also had more to offer during a stay. We were also glad that we caught an afternoon bus from Robin Hood's Bay. This gave us time to enjoy the village in the morning before returning to London. Macs new app made it really easy to find the route. Thanks for another great adventure, Macs! We're already planning our next trip with you!
  • Mr Irvin Heinrichs 04/06/2023
    Accommodations were superb I liked their flexibility when I requested small changes to their standard trips
  • Mr Michael Sicher 03/06/2023
    1. When planning the trip, we decided to stay in Positano instead Priano. This was never changed on the map app. Also, there was no map for one hike at all. 2. When we called, at one point we spoke with five people before we got to one person who could actually help us. 3. One day we were supposed to go to Capri, but we’re unable to due to weather. There were no alternative maps/hikes/things to do. This would’ve been a valuable resource.. 4. Our first hike had several incorrect, mileage designations as well as landmarks. 5. It would’ve been nice if there were options for hiking each day instead of just the one that was on the map app. 6.. We asked for a transfer at one point, and the car services that Macs provided was twice the price that we got when we inquired at the hotel.
  • Anonymous 02/06/2023
    We loved our routes and overall walks. The problems were with the following. 1. GPS did not always align with the route notes in our book. Our gps location and our position based on the note book were often far apart 2. We did not think the amount of time allocated for walks was accurate. It was significantly off on some days. 3. We were disappointed with 2 of our 3 accommodations. 4. For our needs, we felt 14 mile walks were a bit long. I thought on line service was good and responsive. Taxi support was very good. bags were succeffully delivered and picked up.
  • Anonymous 02/06/2023
    Easy to organise the walk and agreed to a few changes to schedule . Good accommodation. Good communocation with us when a booking changed. Brilliant luggage transfer
  • Mrs Julie Cantor 02/06/2023
    Our starting point, Saundersfoot, was very easily reached by train from London but after alighting from the train we discovered the station was a long way from the town. The road to the town was very narrow and we deemed it too narrow to walk along with our luggage. There were no taxis . A good Samaritan stopped and gave us a lift. Day 6 and our transfer didn't show up., delaying our start by over an hour....not a good start for a 20 kms day! Our accommodation was good throughout except we were disappointed that our accommodation in Pembroke didn't have an ensuite or a hose to clean our particularly muddy boots..
  • Mr Ken Smith 02/06/2023
    This is my second time with Macs, the first being the Hadrian's Wall Path in 2016. With one exception, the preparation and planning were of the highest order. The different accommodations were clean and well presented. They varied from a 16th century Monastery in Mondonedo to the excellent HOTEL BI TERRA and HOTEL RESTAURANTE O CABAZO. Without exception, all the other village and town establishments were very good. This exception related to a taxi transfer and had nothing to do with the transport itself.. After being dropped back at Santa Leocadia at 0920 on Thursday 11 May, the next taxi to be reached was at Sobrado dos Monxes at 1700. This gave a time frame of 7hrs 40 mins to traverse a distance of 32 Kms. Despite a valiant effort, my 72 year-old body couldn't achieve this target. As a result, a phone call had to be made from beside a busy highway to the local organizers. They responded immediately and the taxi met me beside this highway, 2 Kms short of my appointed location. It all ended well. As a thought, perhaps the pick-up time could be set back by at least an hour? Just a thought!
  • Mrs Susan Lynch 01/06/2023
    St Cuthbert's Way. Just great very ran smoothly .All aspects.bookimg , accommodation.planning. Distances all manageable. Holy Island was spectacular .especially first thing in the morning b on our last day. Cut of by the tide and seals bobbing about everywhere.magical. We loved the app.used it all the time. didn't use our GPS or OS maps..
  • Anonymous 01/06/2023
    Very efficient with the cases collected and delivered. Also, special mention for Beppe who arranged for us to be picked up when we went wrong at the end of the days walk.
  • Michael Smith 01/06/2023
    Excellent. Pre tour information was good and informative. Good reminders were sent which was helpful. On tour everything worked well.
  • Anonymous 01/06/2023
    I was very happy with the pre WHW and all bar one place that they had organised, I wasn’t sure what help was available to me.
  • Mr Carl Peterson 31/05/2023
    Nicholas did a great job setting up our trip. Everything Macs Adventures did was in place. I would use them again.
  • Anonymous 31/05/2023
    Well organised, responsive to our questions. Description of the package was excellent. Maps downloaded and easily accessible.
  • Anonymous 31/05/2023
    The maps, apps ,directions for hiking were flawless. The Macs booked accommodation was stellar whether it was graded one star or five! The Macs staff were kind, understood our questions, replied promptly. Thank you all!
  • Mr Doug Walkey 31/05/2023
    Thorough, thoughtful and well planned. Macs is the industry leader in active travel.
  • Ms Tracy Collins 31/05/2023
    You listened to our needs, were sensitive to our requirements when they had to change. You responded quickly to communication. The maps and app were clear and concise . Very professional service.
  • Mr Matthew Weirath 31/05/2023
    Overall we had a great experience using Mac's Adventure. I would highly recommend the Speyside Whisky Trail and I really appreciate they offered a short option since most other companies only offer 4 or 5 days as a minimum. I would have appreciated them handling the booking of the distilleries, as that was honestly the hardest part and a part I had to do myself. I underestimated at least one of the treks between distilleries and we missed out on one of our tastings. Overall they were very responsive and accommodating to our requests. I would definitely consider using them again in the future.
  • Ms Beverley LaPeare 31/05/2023
    Macs Adventures ensured that every detail of our self guided hike was great!
  • Anonymous 31/05/2023
    We found the service team very responsive, happy to help with general or specific advice, and able to adjust our itinerary as needed.
  • Ms Claire Larson 31/05/2023
    Great communication and planning! We loved everything about the trip. Would highly recommend Mac's Adventure.


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