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5 Reasons To Go Walking in the Lake District!
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22 September 2020
5 Reasons To Go Walking in the Lake District!

1. Amazing landscapes - this may seem rather obvious, but no where else in England do you have that perfect combination of lofty mountains and shimmering lakes. In between are tranquil valleys and pastures dotted with grazing cattle. Climbing up to the top of Wainwright's beloved fells, your efforts are rewarded with the most outstanding views. All of this combines to make it the perfect region for walking! 


2. Traditional pubs - this is one thing the Lake District definitely does right. In our personal opinion, you can't beat a day of walking in the hills (or fells as they are known in the Lakes) followed up by a stop in a traditional Lakeland inn for a restorative pint of real ale or refreshing cider. Most of the pubs in the Lake District are hundreds of years old, with lots of history and usually their own amazing stories. Offering a warm welcome to tired walkers, muddy boots are always welcome in a Lakeland inn and the atmosphere of a cosy pub filled with happy walkers is second to none!


3. It's an artist's paradise - the Lake District has inspired countless artists, poets and writers over the years, stirring up famous lines such as Wordsworth's "I wander’d lonely as a cloud", and "the loveliest spot that man hath found". Other writers who found their inspiration here include Wainwright, famous for his pictorial guides to the fells,  Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame and the renowned Victorian poet John Ruskin. However, it has also inspired painters such as John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough.  

4. Easy to access - despite its tranquillity, the Lake District is actually a surprisingly well-connected region, with it being possible to get to Manchester within 3 hours and London within 4. The West Coast mainline connects Penrith (really the gateway to the Lakes) to Oxenholme, Glasgow and London. And a direct train runs from Windemere to Manchester. Within the region itself, there is an excellent network of local buses which you can buy explorer tickets for, as well as steamers and boats which will take you around and across the lakes. There is comprehensive information on all things travel-related here.

5. Tasty food and treats - this is a region where there are a whole host of gastronomic delights on offer! Fresh, local produce is everywhere from delights such as slow-roasted Herdwick Hogget to delicious spicy Cumberland sausages. And there are sweet treats too including the famous Grasmere Gingerbread (a cross between a biscuit and a cake) and Kendal Mint Cake which will be sure to get you speeding up any of those fells with its high sugar content! Whether it be in a Michelin-starred restaurant (of which there are 7 in the Lake District) or a cosy pub, you can be sure of a feast fit for a king or queen in the Lake District!



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