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Highlights of the Stevenson's Trail
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03 February 2021
Highlights of the Stevenson's Trail

The Haute-Loire:

The first section of the Stevenson's Trail has you walking through the wonderful Haute Loire, a landscape of moorland and pasture threaded by rivers and streams. In its southern part is a volcanic plateau and this is where you will walk, through charming hamlets and beginning in the wonderful town of Le Puy-en-Velay.


The picturesque village of Casserdaes is located near Mont Lozere, the highest peak in the Cevennes Mountains. Take a memorable ascent up this mountain with stunning views all around.

Pont de Montvert to Florac:

Memorable views over the almost blue Cevennes Hills where you cross from Mediterranean flora to Alpine and then back again.

Le Puy en Velay:

Such an interesting town in a dramatic volcanic setting. Volcanic plugs jut out hundreds of feet about the valley, one with a chapel on the top. The steep cobbled streets and medieval buildings with its hustle and bustle of shops and restaurants is a great place to begin your Stevenson's Trail Walking adventure.

Sally Thompson

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Sally Thompson
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