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What is a Self-Guided tour?
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01 April 2022
What is a Self-Guided tour?

At Macs Adventure, we believe travelling without a tour guide or a large group is the best way to travel - and we have been travelling in this way and organising self-guided trips for our customers for 20 years.

A self-guided tour is where the traveller has their accommodation, luggage transfers, and route information organised by a company. Instead of joining a group tour, they travel from place to place each day either solo or with travelling companions. 

Outsource the hassle.

The Macs team has tried out the accommodations on our routes and will book the best options along your trail. Each morning drop your bags at your hotel reception, head out for the day with just your day pack, and meet your luggage at your next accommodation. 

Our team has tried and tested the routes, and the Macs Adventure app is free and already loaded with a GPS map of your way should you need it. As a bonus, you can use this offline to save battery and data. We can even recommend restaurants and things to do on your trip - saving you a ton of time on research.

Booking a self-guided trip rather than organising everything yourself means everything is under one booking. This means you only have one point of contact should you need to re-arrange or cancel your trip. 

On a self-guided tour, you choose your travelling companions

Choose your companions.

A self-guided holiday gives you the flexibility to choose your travelling companions or travel solo. There are no large coaches and long queues on our trips, meaning you will enjoy the beauty of the outdoors - all to yourself. 

Although you will be travelling independently, our local and UK teams are there to support you and are available 24/7 and only a phone call away if you need any assistance during your trip.

Move at your own pace.

There is no tour guide or group to accommodate, meaning no set departure dates. A self-guided trip means you'll have the freedom to pick and choose when you want to travel and what you want to do.

You don't have a guide or group accompanying you, and you can choose how far you'd like to walk or cycle each day, 


The Danube Cycle path crosses Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania

Enjoy the outdoors.

Getting from A to B by walking or cycling time to enjoy the great outdoors and see the world in a way you can’t on wheels. Whether on a coastal path, a mountain trail or in the countryside, the most beautiful landscapes are seldom accessible by coach or car. 

Exercise is excellent for mental and physical health, and being in the outdoors is a fantastic way to escape from it all and focus on wellness. 

Achieve something on your holiday.

Whether completing the West Highland Way or cycling along the Danube, walking and cycling holidays allow a great sense of achievement. There is nothing like a hearty meal, a comfortable bed and a great sense of accomplishment when you reach your accommodation at the end of each day.

The endpoint of the West Highland Way, Fort William, Scotland

Make a positive impact.

We use local suppliers to support local communities, with each accommodation chosen for its character and unique selling points. By travelling on foot or by bike, our trips reduce the impact on the planet. We also offer trips in the UK to provide our customers with no-fly options.

By travelling without a guide, there are more opportunities for interactions with locals to learn about the culture and people in the places you are visiting.

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Lynsey Kirk
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