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Solo Travel Tips
2 Min Read
01 November 2023
Solo Travel Tips

Make The Most Of The Macs Community 

If you’re feeling a tad apprehensive about your solo trip –that's totally normal! Why not reach out to the tight-knit network of fellow adventurers on our Facebook Community to see if anyone has done the trip solo and has any advice, or you might even find someone who's heading out on the same route! 

While your journey is, for the most part, a solo mission, it might be reassuring to know that others will be embarking on the same journey that you may bump into or arrange to walk a section together. 

But just remember, we’re only a phone call away should you ever need us and there’ll always be a friendly face waiting to welcome you to your cosy accommodation at the end of each day. 

 Bernese Oberland

Go For It! 

Grab the bull by the horns and jump straight in – you never know until you try. Relish every moment of solitude, being 1-2-1 with nature, the feeling of escapism from your day-to-day and acknowledge this HUGE accomplishment. Once you’ve done it, it’ll be a big confidence boost – whether you liked doing it solo or not. You’ve done it! Think about what else you can achieve. 

 Conic Hill

Quality Time With Me, Myself And I 

How often can we say we do something just for us? I bet it’s not as much as we’d like! Take this opportunity to finally do something you want to do. Embrace your own company – you might learn a thing or two about yourself. Walk or cycle at your own pace, pause when it feels right for you for however long you want, admire the views, chat small talk with locals, eat the food you crave and enjoy the peace and quiet – which is hard to come by these days! 


Get Ahead Of The Game 

Take a look each evening at your journey for the day ahead. Sure, we have it all mapped out for you on our app but checking out the upcoming distance, ascents and descents might put your mind at ease. You might also spot somewhere like a historic site or a waterfall you’d like to make a small detour to, if the time allows. Or, you can make the time, if you plan ahead!   


Keep Connected 

You’ll no doubt be using our app on your phone for directions so it’s a good idea to take a portable battery pack with you so that if your phone starts to run out of juice, you can give it a boost and be on your merry way, worry-free. It’s also worth picking up an E-Sim card so you can connect to the local network to make calls easily should you need to. 


Note Down Important Numbers 

You’ll get all this key information in your trip info pack (which we recommend taking with you), but as a general rule of thumb whether you’re travelling solo or not, it’s always a good idea to save local emergency services to your phone contacts, just in case. 

Giffard Bay

VIP Valuables 

You want to keep your important bits and pieces like your passport, cash, and phone chargers with you at all times, so get them their own little bag that you can always keep on you. 

Table for one! 

A perk of solo travel is that you rarely need to make dinner reservations. If you do head to somewhere particularly popular, more often than not, they’ll have a bar seat ready and waiting for walk-ins. Voila! 

Love The Journey 

Whichever route you choose, know that it has all the ingredients for an epic journey. One filled with interesting culture, dynamic terrain and landscapes, friendly locals, tasty cuisine and rich history. Return home with a tonne of tales to tell. You’re in for a treat! 

Kirsty Schneider

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Kirsty Schneider
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