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10 more top phone apps for walkers
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13 February 2015
10 more top phone apps for walkers

Smartphones, Tablets and their associated apps have become a travelling essential.  From translation services to working out currency exchange. From picking up an Uber in L.A to using Google Maps to find your hotel, we almost can't live without our Apps when we go travelling. While you can’t beat a map for proper old-fashioned route planning and navigation, there are lots of fantastic apps that will show you a wealth of routes, extra details and information about local attractions. Take a look at our previous Nine great phone apps for walkers and hikers. And here are...

Ten more top walkers’ apps

Hiking Project

Hiking Project shows you all the best hikes close to you and links them up via GPS, so you can easily head out on those day-walks. It is loaded with highlights on the various walks so that you never miss a viewpoint or a historical happening. Platform: iOS & Android Cost: From Free See Hiking Project

MotionX GPS


This is another navigation and mapping app that allows you to use it without an internet connection. The app uses the built-in GPS functionality of the iPhone to determine your longitude, latitude and altitude. Platform: iOS Cost: From 79p See MotionX

AllTrails app


This is one for travels to America. The app allows you to discover top walking trails nearby, track and navigate offline and then share your adventures with friends. Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free See AllTrails  



Map your route or choose from up to 70 million routes worldwide that have already been mapped with this MapMyHike app. You can also track your activity, log your food to add an additional tracking dimension for staying in shape and share all this info with friends. Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free, with additional opt-ins to pay for See MapMyHike

Charity Miles app


Whether it’s a training walk or a holiday walk, you can give your walk a purpose by walking for charity. Open up the free app, choose a charity and then walk. Your miles equate to money. Platform: iOS Cost: Free See Charity Miles app



Komoot is an outdoor inspiration app that offers a guide to walking (and biking) routes and trails. Komoot’s latest release delivers “Smart Tour” recommendations based on a user’s sport preferences, location, and the most interesting places, or “Highlights”, in the area. This release of the Komoot app also beefs up its existing Highlights offerings, including info on interesting nature spots with photos, tips and likes, so other members of the outdoor community can utilise the information to find new outdoor sights, and plan their own outdoor routes. Platforms: iOS and Android Cost: Free See Komoot

Medal Routes app


Ramblers Scotland won a GeoVation award with their free app that uses Ordnance Survey data to motivate people to be more active in their daily lives. The Medal Routes App identifies and maps short circular walks at three different levels, gold, silver and bronze. These walking challenges encourage people throughout Scotland to integrate walking into their daily life. The app allows you to progress from short 15 minute walks (bronze) to walking for up to an hour (gold). Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free. See Medal Routes

Type n Walk app


This is something a bit different. The innovative app allows you to walk safely and text. We are not saying this is a good thing to do, but if you feel the need to write about your hike while walking then at least, you won’t trip over a rock or walk into something. Type n Walk displays a transparent viewport, via your phone camera, of what's directly in front of you. This combined with your peripheral vision is enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles. Platforms: iOS Cost: 79p See Type-n-Walk.com and on iTunes

Macs Adventure App

Macs Adventure logo

This blog post is certainly not intended as an advert for our own App, but since we first wrote this post back in 2013, we have worked hard on developing our own app that not only works in tandem with our wide range of walking trips but offers much more. With the Macs App you have access to Global mapping, the same as many of the others offer below, but for free! The app has pre-loaded most of our tours, so you always have a backup in your pocket if you are feeling a bit lost. It runs in flight mode, so saves on battery and roaming charges and also keeps those pesky emails and interruptions at bay while you are immersed in the wilds. For more info and to download the app, you can visit our website or type Macs Adventure into the App Store or Google Play store. Platform: iPhone and Android Cost: Free.


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