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10 tips for happy cyclists
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28 March 2014
10 tips for happy cyclists
Cycling is one of the fastest rising activities in the UK and many more people are taking to road bikes. The huge growth of cycling sportive events is additional evidence that people are keen to be out on their bikes and seeing new places by road. This year, cycling tours and holidays are expected to be another growth area for cyclists, from beginner through to expert. Whether you fancy a cycling holiday in the UK, Europe or America, Macs Adventure has a great choice. And with spring in the air, now is the time to get back out on your bike if you have been storing your two wheeler in the garage during a winter of chilly weather. It’s vital that you give your bike a through check over to ensure that it is safe and roadworthy. It’s also a good idea to do a check list of kit and clothing, so that your spring and summer of cycling can the be the best ever.

Summer guide to happy cycling

1)    Bike check: Brakes, brake pads, gears, chain, tyres and inner tubes should all be included on a bike maintenance check up. If you are not sure about anything pop your bike into a local bike mechanics. Read our Getting Back on Your Bike blog. 2)    Keep it oiled: It’s worth spending time at the end of each ride to clean and oil your bike. These 10 minutes offer a good long-term investment in keeping your bike in working order. 3)    Patch work: Make sure you know how to deal with a puncture when you are out cycling. Always carry with you a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump. An emergency puncture repair kit is a useful Plan B. 4)    Comfort and joy: Padded lycra shorts are not mandatory, but they will give the best levels of comfort when riding a bike for more than an hour. A good quality bike seat is also a bonus. Ladies, choose a bike seat to suit your anatomy! (Ask in a shop if you don’t know what to choose.) 5)    Dress for the weather: Waterproof jackets, warm jerseys, arm and leg warmers, cycling tights, overshoes and gloves. All these items of kit serve a very good purpose: Keeping you warm and dry while cycling, whatever the weather. 6)    To clip in or not to clip in?: Most cyclists swear by clip-in bike shoes. You will certainly gain more power throughout the pedal rotation. Learn how to use clip ins on a quiet stretch of tarmac because you will need to be able to clip in and out quickly if you suddenly stop and, at first, wobbles and falls can be fairly frequent. 7)    Build it up: If you head out for a three hour bike ride on your first ride of the year you’ll will end up tired and sore. It’s better to build up the miles each week and enjoy every cycle outing. 8)    How to train: If you have a cycling event or holiday in mind make sure you train specifically for this. So if there will be lots of hills, go out and ride lots of hills. If the days in saddle with be very long, ensure you include some long days in the saddle in your training. See our How Fit Do I Need To Be For A Cycling Holiday blog 9)    Find a friend: Cycling with a friend or a group of people is a lot more fun. Cycling allows you to chat while you ride and if you know that other people are going out you a more likely to be motivated to join them. 10) Ride new routes: Regular cyclists will know that riding the same route over and over again is dull. The wonderful thing about a bike is that it’s a great form of transport for seeing new places and discovering new rides. Look on-line for cycle route tips or ask fellow cyclists.

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