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10th Anniversary of the Hadrian&'s Wall Path
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30 May 2013
10th Anniversary of the Hadrian&'s Wall Path
HWP1The Hadrian’s Wall Path is an 84 mile coast to coast walk in the north of England, alongside one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks, and the largest surviving Roman monument in Europe. Hadrian’s Wall was built to protect the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. Building of the wall commenced in AD 122 under the rule of the Emperor Hadrian, and the wall not only served as a military fortification, but also as a trade point with customs posts to allow collection of import taxes. Today, Roman remains and archaeological intrigue lie beneath the wall and its path, meaning that maintenance of the trail which runs alongside is of vital importance. HWP4-800The path’s status as a national trail allows it to be properly managed and protected, with co-ordinated management of the monitoring of the condition of the trail, and the implementation of improvements and maintenance. The 15 “National Trails” are long distance walks which are a must for all walkers, allowing access to the most wild and beautiful parts of Britain, with the benefit of waymarkers, the camaraderie of fellow walkers, and the protection of the environment that National Trail status enables. 11,000 people walk the Hadrian’s Wall Path each year. The trail offers walkers a chance to explore the nature, heritage and splendour of this beautiful part of Britain with the backdrop of the rolling landscapes of Northumberland, the richer pastures of Cumbria, and the warm hospitality of the country villages (and in particular the country pubs!) along the way. Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Carlisle, at each end of the trail allow you to savour the contrast between the vibrant town and city life, and the peace of the country trail. HWP3Top Tips for walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path www.visithadrianswall.co.uk recommend the following top tips to help you enjoy the path without compromising the fragile environment:
  • Not walking on the Wall itself
  • Follow signposted paths
  • Walk side by side – (it’s easier to hold hands too!)
  • Keep gates closed
  • Avoid worn patches on the Trail
Thursday 30th May is the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the Hadrian’s Wall Long Distance Footpath. More information on National Trails More information on a self-guided walking tour of the Hadrian's Wall Path
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