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5 Best Websites for planning a Coast to Coast Walk
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17 October 2011
5 Best Websites for planning a Coast to Coast Walk

The Coast to Coast Walk is one of the greatest Long Distance Walking Holidays in England.  Alfred Wainwright constructed this walk across the breadth of England, traversing 3 National Parks and a plethora of breathtaking scenery.   The walk was brought back into the limelight in recent years by Julia Bradbury's TV Series "Wainwright Walks - Coast to Coast" which is itself a great resource for planning the walk and with more people walking the route, I thought it would be helpful to collate some of the best sites that have information on this classic walking holiday in England.   1. Coast to Coast Guides - This site is brimming with advice from 2 long distance walking guides who have walked the Coast to Coast more than 25 times.   There is nothing like getting advice from real people, who have actually done the trip and after reading through their extensive advice section, if you still haven't found the answers to your questions, you can get in touch with them and ask them directly. 2. Visit Cumbria -  This site obviously focuses on the first part of the walk through Cumbria and the Lake District, but it is an invaluable resource to find out more about the villages you pass through and stop for your overnights.  It also gives you a great oversight of what there is to do in the area for the moments where you switch off from the walking part of your walking holiday. 3.  The Wainwright Society -  This is the official appreciation society for the architect of the Coast to Coast Walk himself.   It has some great information about navigation and also gives a very comprehensive overview of mentions of the Coast to Coast on the Internet.   Aside from this there is a wealth of fantastic information about Alfred Wainwright himself and is well worth a read before you head off on the trail. 4. Coast to Coast Walk Reports - This is a great list of blog reports from people that have undertaken the walk over the years.   It is always a valuable resource to read about the people that have gone before you and as well as a highly enjoyable read, you can pick up loads of great tips. 5. Long Distance Walking Advice - Even though you may be interested in the Coast to Coast Walk in particular, there is a great deal to be learned about undertaking a long distance walk.   This site provides a wealth of information on Fitness, Safety, Equipment and many more aspects of Long Distance Walking Holidays that are often overlooked. Of course, should you wish to speak to one of our Coast to Coast specialists about getting the trip booked up in the finest accommodation on offer and have your bags transported across the route, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Macs Adventure. We will be most happy to help plan any walking holiday in England.


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