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5 great cycling apps for smartphones
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03 January 2013
5 great cycling apps for smartphones
Whether you have an iPhone or Android-based phone, you’ll have a growing interest in apps. If you don’t know, an app is an “application” that is downloaded to your device  – for free or for a charge – and can be used for a huge range of activities. This blog looks at some of the best smartphone apps for cyclists.

BioLogic BikeBrain

Used on: iPhone Price: Free Turn your iPhone into a bike computer. The app offers GPS-enabled mapping, as well as useful functions such as speed and distance. For an extra £1.49, you can upload your routes to Facebook and Twitter, and save unlimited rides to your phone. Of course, you might also want to buy a handlebar mount for your iPhone to make full use of this app while you’re on the go.

Sustrans app

Used on: IPhone and Android Price: Free Sustrans has released a Complete National Cycle Network app, offering access to more than 25,000 miles of walking and cycling network routes across the UK. Sustrans has created the app from their OS-based online mapping facility and it has been specifically designed to help people make more of their everyday journeys on foot or by bike.


Used on: iPhone Cost: Free (around £60 for wheel sensor and iPhone mount) With this App and a sensor mounted to your rear wheel, you’ll have access to all kinds of measurements, such as cadence and an estimate of power output. This app also lets you measure performance against previous best rides.

Bike Doctor

Used on: iPhone and Android Price: £2.99 A handy resource for all kinds of common problems and repairs to your bike, Bike Doctor is the ideal guide for a wide range of cyclists. From fixing punctures to stopping annoying skipping gears, this app guides cyclists through fixes step by step. If, like us, you have occasionally ended up in a bit of a pickle while out on a bike ride, this app is your perfect mechanic buddy for ensuring that your bike – and bike rides – are as smooth as possible.


Used on: iPhone and Android Price: Free Oh, Strava! So many people are catching on to the Strava trend! This clever app  allows you to track rides via your iPhone, Android or GPS device to analyse your own performance. But where the genius comes in, is that you can then compare and compete against friends and competitors by checking how others perform on various stretches of road or hill climbs. Beware, though, because Strava is too easy to become addicted to!

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