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6 Reasons Why you Should Pre-book the Camino
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08 January 2015
6 Reasons Why you Should Pre-book the Camino

Before I worked with Macs Adventure I walked the Camino Frances. I didn't book, I just went, walked with my bag on my back and stayed in hostels every night.  Then after joining Macs, I walked the Le Puy Route in France that connects to the Camino Frances, but this time, my bags were carried, my evening meals were included and I slept in hotels and B&B's rather than the hostels.   The experiences were hugely different and while the freedom of doing it all myself really appealed and I had a great time, there is no doubt as to the version that I preferred.   Here are six reasons why pre-booking your Camino Adventure is a good idea.

  • A guaranteed bed for the night - It's a must to book accommodation ahead when one is doing the Camino. I met a traveller who was struggling with reception and trying to phone accommodation one night in advanced throughout his trip. This is not only an extra hassle but it is also an extra stress during your Camino trip. Therefore it's better to have the whole Camino organised prior.  Each day there is a bit of a race to make sure that you get to the Albergue in time to get a bed, so you don't have the relaxed pace and time to enjoy your surroundings.  If you have your room all booked, there is no agenda, no rush, just relax and enjoy your day.
  • You're guaranteed a better night’s sleep – This is vital when you’re on a walking holiday. Macs Adventure source comfortable accommodation especially for Camino walkers. I never pre booked the Camino Frances and I must say I lost many nights sleep due to snorers in dorms and late arrivals into the Albergues. There were queues for the showers and I found that communal living is only good in small measures.
  • The best locations are selected for your overnight accommodation. - The D&A specialists at Macs Adventure know the Camino inside out, so they know the best accommodation in town, the best locations and if you book early enough, you are more than likely to get into our first pick accommodation right the way along the route.
  • Vegetarians and Food Allergies - If you are a vegetarian or have any kind of food allergy, just let us know before hand and then we request it as part of your booking. Otherwise, it's difficult to be accommodated as a vegetarian because meat dishes are popular in France and Spain.
  • Evening Meals - When I did the Camino Frances, it was possible to get Pilgrim meals everywhere, whereas the Le Puy route's pilgrim menus were very scarce. I'm very glad the meals were included in the Macs Adventure package as I felt I really would have struggled to find a suitable and reasonable restaurant in each location. And there is nothing worse than looking for a place to eat when you’re starving after a day of walking!
  • Baggage Transfers - Baggage transfers are pre-booked and included in the Macs Adventure - Le Puy way. This makes such a difference to your walking day and enables you to get the best out of your walk. I did not have baggage transfers when I did the Frances route and I found this quite tough going. The Camino Le Puy went very smooth and I enjoyed my daily walk much more as my bag was one less thing to worry about.

Overall it's a more comfortable challenge, but still a challenge.  You are still doing the same walk as everyone else and having to overcome the same daily struggles, it's just that you get to have a bath and a comfy bed at the end of it. After all, one deserves a little comfort while on a such a lengthy pilgrimage. If you would like to get in touch with any of our Camino Specialists here at Macs Adventure, don't hesitate to get in touch at info@macsadventure.com.

Craig Dickson

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Craig Dickson
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